Food Photography Level Two

April 2017


Hello foodies! Catherine and I are so pleased with the reaction from everyone who attended our first series of food photography online courses.

We had so much fun spending time with you all, and several of you have asked if we would run the courses again, so we are! In April 2017.

We're both looking forward to seeing you in class again.

Emily xo


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What's new in Food Two?


In level 2 we’re featuring soup (hot food), the roast dinner whole table scene, dark and moody candle lit scenes, and lots of fun and challenging exercises for you. 

And we are tackling overhead as well as front on images this time.

Expect a similar mix of how-to videos, inspiring challenges, feedback and Q&A sessions.


Love for the Makelight experience

If you've enjoyed your Makelight experience, do please get in touch and we'll feature a testimonial on our website. 

Here's Carly's progress since attending our Food Photography class last year.


The course will be taught through video lessons and written lessons, which you can take at any time of the day to suit you. There is no real-time requirement. 

You can take this course whatever timezone you are in and because of the social nature of the course I am sure you will even gain some new followers and friends from meeting your fellow students in the private Facebook group that supports the course! 




Any questions about the course, email and one of the Makelight team will help you.