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Hello, I'm Emily Quinton. I teach people to take beautiful images through the online courses that I offer here on Makelight.com

I'm also a mother of four young children. 

Every year at Christmas I create a family photo book of the year to give to the grandparents. Friends always comment about how they would love to do this too, but don't know where to start!

The way I do it is to capture little stories of family life, throughout the year. I realised not everyone knows how to do that, and when life is so busy it can be a struggle to add learning about photography on top!

So I thought it would be lovely to create a special Summer course to help you to capture family stories that you can share and treasure for years to come. 



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Learn how to photograph children and family members in a more creative, natural way. Move away from just "smile for the camera" photos and start making images that are more natural and evocative of your time together.

Join a group of other families taking photographs over the Summer period. Through our private Facebook group and on the new Makelight learning website you'll receive a series of videos, projects, lessons, live Q&As and worksheets to inspire you to take better photographs.

Use whatever camera or phone you have – after all, the best camera is the one you have in your pocket.

I hope you'll join me for an inspiring Summer project and make it one that you'll never forget! 


What's included

A dedicated course website

I've taught thousands of people how to improve their photography, and you'll have an invitation to join our specially-built website for the online courses that I offer. Make an Instagram profile and you'll receive a free Makelight Insights report too.

Inspiring videos

For two months you'll receive weekly video lessons via email, where I'll be talking about various aspects of using photography to capture a story about you and your family.

You can watch the videos as and when you can, so there's no requirement to be online at any particular time, so you can take this course wherever you are in the world. If you're going away on holiday, you'll be able to catch up as and when you can, or take part while you're away if you'd like to!

Achievable projects

I'll challenge you to do a variety of tasks to help you practise your photography and storytelling. We'll look at tips for getting children to look natural, building confidence and familiarity with the camera, blogging, journalling, print-making, patience (!)… Above all how to plan and put together the right situation to create beautiful images.

A supportive Facebook group

Share questions, frustrations and thoughts with the others taking the course in our private Facebook group just for this course. Be as private or as public as you want to be – there's no requirement to share images of your children if you don't want to.

Live Q&As

Using Facebook's new Live Video feature I'll be hosting Q&A sessions to help answer questions and unstick you if you're having trouble with anything.


Join in and make this Summer a beautiful story!


Or pay monthly over three equal payments


Love for the Makelight experience

This is the first time I've run this course, but here are some lovely bits of feedback from people who've taken other classes with me.

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