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Hello! Emily and Stef here with a Christmas offer for you!

We started 2016 with an idea that we could build on Emily's love of photography and offer an online Instagram course.

It exploded! In April, Stef left his job to join in and since then we've been working super hard to offer a wider range of courses, tools, downloads, events, workshops, the new monthly membership and lots more.

In just a few short months we've turned a passion project into a family business, and we've done it without pitching for investment, which is how a lot of online businesses get going nowadays. Just hard work, a clear idea, oh and enough childcare to focus!



Getting ready for 2017

In 2017, we're going to be evolving Makelight even more. Tens of thousands of people have taken one of our free or paid courses this year, and we're on a mission to reach even more people this coming year.

We're branching out from photography to other areas that are super important for creative people, makers and small business owners – branding, marketing, online advertising, how to add a little tech into the way you're working… and lots more! All with the same inspiring, jargon-free, accessible style you'll be used to from any of our courses. 


Three ways to help you grow this year

Sign up & be in with a chance to win a website

The membership

As a Makelight member you get access to our three core Makelight courses, Insights reports, our hashtag research tool, a monthly mini-course but most of all, become part of an amazing, supportive community.

The technique

This is Stef's first major course for the Makelight community. Learn how to set up and grow an online business using growth and marketing techniques and tech tools.
Starts in January.

The Pattern

We're taking things to the next level with a six-month mentoring programme for creative business owners and makerpreneurs. This is limited to a handful of people, so register your interest fast!


Win a website

If you sign up to an annual membership, or join The Technique or The Pattern you'll be in with a chance of winning a website built by Stef and the Makelight team.

Stef has designed and built digital projects for brands big and small, and will work with you to get you set up with a great new site.