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The Makelight growth course for aspiring & flourishing online businesses

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Start 2017 with a plan and the know-how to make your idea thrive in our online world

An inspiring and accessible two month online course designed specifically for creative small business owners, makers and entrepreneurs.

Learn how to apply modern digital tools and techniques to get your website and online marketing really working for you.


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Hello! I'm Stef

I'm a designer and technologist. Along with Emily and our small team, I help to run Makelight. 

I'm passionate about helping everyone in the Makelight community get the most from the opportunities of the online world.

Over the past fifteen years, I've created award-winning websites, apps and design work. Often for my own ventures but also for small businesses, brands and charities. Many of the things I've helped start have raised millions in funding.

If there's one thing I've learnt along the way, it's how to use technology and design to grow an idea from nothing to something.

I want to share with you what I've learnt and applied over the years in my work and for the companies I've advised. 

It's so easy to build the wrong thing when you're trying to build your business – a new, expensive website might look really good on the surface, but if you've not got some of the basics right, it might not work as well as you'd hoped.

On this course I'll save you time and money, help you get set up with the right tools, understand what you need from your website, online shop, blog and newsletter, but above all help you make 2017 an awesome year for your venture!


The knowledge to make your idea a success, whatever stage you’re at

What I get excited about is helping creative people and entrepreneurs to make a success of what they love to do. I've spent years working out how to get an idea from zero to something that works.

On this new Makelight course I'll be sharing with you tools and approaches that will help you make your project or business successful without having to learn to code, or pay a lot to get it to grow.


Get your business to fly in 2017


Over two months, you'll receive a series of short videos and exercises from me, in four modules. You'll join a group of people in a similar situation, and work alongside each other as the lessons progress. We've found the community part of our courses one of the strongest parts.

No prior knowledge or special skills required, just a passion and an idea you want to see succeed!

Are you right at the start of your business idea? This course will be valuable even if you haven't got a website set up yet.


1. Define & explain
Defining your value.
The importance of measurement.
Setting up analytics in a way that works for you.
Making pages that work for you.

2. Build & funnel
Understanding how & why people come to you.
Growing a mailing list.
Facebook ad strategies.
Creating "your free thing".


3. Simplify & automate
Tools to make life easier.
Designing for intent.
Using code-free automation tools to run things.
Create automatic emails.

4. Sell & experiment
E-commerce considerations.
Running growth experiments.
Dashboards, feeds and alerts.
Getting set for social.


2 months
4 modules
28 snackable lessons
4 hours of watch-any-time video


Emily and I have built Makelight using the approaches I'll be sharing in this course. We often get asked questions about how we do what we do ("how do you get your emails to look like that?") so I'm looking forward to sharing some of what we've learnt with you.

As with all of our Makelight courses, you'll receive a series of videos, written lessons and assignments via our very own course system.

Take the lessons any time – there's no realtime requirement.

Do the course anywhere in the World.

Join a special Facebook group and connect with other people facing similar issues.

Join live video Q&As where you can ask your questions.

This course is incredibly valuable to anyone thinking of selling from their blog or shop - I’ve already recommended it to two makers who want to sell online but are not quite sure what they need to know, or how to go about it. This will save you alot of time (and money) .
— Alexandra Campbell, The Middlesized Garden
In the past few weeks, I have learned an enormous amount. Both in terms of the technology/digital applications that can be used to help grow, manage and monitor a business and also with regards to a logical process to follow.

It has been incredibly helpful and undoubtedly saved me a considerable amount of time and energy that I could otherwise have spent in unproductive directions.

The support of the Makelight team and the Facebook community have been not only invaluable but really friendly and encouraging. Thank you.
— Vanessa Dennett

Join today and make 2017 a big year for your business

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Want to know where you're at? Or need help planning your next steps at the end of the course? 


Learn about what you should improve on your site to make it grow. Stef has twenty years of experience building apps and websites for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Red Bull, Coca-cola, the V&A museum, Land Rover and plenty of small businesses. You'll get a customised report based on all that experience for simple things you could do to improve and grow your site.

You can request the report at the beginning of the course or at the end when you've got the knowledge on what you'd need and why!

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