Today I want you to begin to think about your Visual Style and Visual Story Telling. I have made this video for you to watch as a welcome to the course and to help you to think about this: 

I am sure you are all very aware of how much visual content is out there today and how important it is to make your brand stand out. You want people to recognise your own visual style and to enjoy your visual story telling. 

This is a huge thing to think about and develop but I always like my students to think about it right from the beginning, even if it might feel a bit daunting. Please don't panic about it. Just see today as the first day of beginning to think about it and work on it. It isn't something that will just happen. In the next couple of weeks there will be some lessons that make sense straight away and others, like this one, that are going to take time. But it is always good to make a start! 

As I mention in the video please make a private Pinterest board and start to get a sense of what you want your visual style to look like. You don't just have to pin images of stationery. Images that give a feeling of the kind of style you want to achieve are what you're looking for. 

Have fun! xo