Hello and Welcome to Photography for Stationery Lovers! 

I am really looking forward to spending the next two weeks with you and helping you to improve your photography skills. 

Today is all about settling into class, introducing yourselves and thinking about gathering inspiration to help you to begin to think about developing a signature style for your images and visual story telling. 

I'd love you do start by joining our private Facebook Group. I know not all of you will want to use Facebook and that is fine but if you would like me to see any images that you create during this course then please share them on Instagram and tag #makelightworkshops. 

I would then like you to either take a photograph today or take a screen grab of your Instagram stream and/or website. This is a great way of thinking about where you are now and what you'd like to change about your images. It will be good to look back at this in two weeks time and see how far you've got!  

I will be back a little later with a video for you.