Really sorry folks. Due to Emily being ill today, we've had to postpone this event.


An interactive live online video workshop with Emily Quinton


The world is facing some challenging times, so we're hosting a charitable event this weekend, raising money for UNICEF. Join us for a Valentine's styling and photography workshop, get inspired and spread the love to children who could do with it!


Saturday 11th February

10am to 1pm GMT (London) / 9pm to midnight AEDT (Melbourne) / 5am to 8am EST (New York)


This event will be broadcast for free on the Makelight Facebook page and you'll be asked to contribute a donation on the day.


Towards the end of last year, we hosted a Makelight workshop, with a twist – we did it via live streaming video. It was a lovely, positive experience about styling and creating images about Christmas. 

We're excited that we're going to be back for another one, this time to tie in with Valentines Day!

Combining elements of our workshops, online courses and Q&As all into one interactive session that you can join from anywhere!

Assemble your props & camera equipment and style along with Emily from the comfort of your own home.

Join us on Saturday the 11th February for this inspirational Valentines online workshop.


How it works

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For this workshop you will be joining us in the Makelight Studio via a Facebook Livestream. We wanted those who haven't bee able to join us in the studio to join in, style and take photographs along with Emily, from anywhere in the world! 

The workshop will be two sessions of approximately an hour and a half, including demonstrations from Emily, live teaching, tips, and the opportunity to submit your photos taken during the workshop.

I'm sure you're following the news and seeing some of the dangers facing children around the world, so for this free charity event we're fundraising for UNICEF through the medium of Instagram!


A snapshot of the workshop

  • Valentines photography & styling
  • Visual storytelling with a beginning, middle, end
  • Gift wrapping ideas and photographing presents
  • A valentines flat lay
  • What kit Emily uses for photography
  • Valentines meal photography at the dinner table
  • Phone photography in candle-light
  • Styling for photos vs styling for your significant other
  • Planning images to inspire your followers
  • Making a valentines gift
  • Working with a colour palette

Join us on the 11th February

10am – 1pm GMT (London)

  • 9pm – midnight AEDT (Melbourne)
  • 5am – 8am EST (New York)

What you will need

The workshop will be interactive and designed for you to follow along with Emily. You will need:

  • A quiet well lit space with an appropriate background for photography.
  • Valentines props & decorations
  • Your phone and camera equipment
  • Candles for the candle-lit photography lesson
  • A tripod if you have one
  • A whole lot of love!