Today is all about styling and product photography. This is a huge topic and quite a tricky one to teach. It's tricky because there are so many ways to style and so many ways to promote and photograph a product that it's quite hard to know where to start and where to end. 

So, here is the start! I have made two videos for you and shared some images too. And there is lots of styling inspiration I have gathered here too. 

This is one of the cards that I am selling in the little prop shop in my studio (coming online soon!) and four ways of presenting it. 

Styling for your products and as a way of telling your maker stories takes practise. And lots of it! 

It also needs a great background, thought about colours and some props that can become part of the story you are telling. People really don't mind how many times they see your props. People do love consistency and comfort in things they know and recognise. 

I love working with prop boxes and I find that they really help me with styling. I build boxes for seasons, topics and colours. I love opening up the box and finding inspiration within. Even an image of the box itself is a wonderful thing to share. 

In the next video I style three images for you. 

It is often really hard to know when you have enough things in your image or when you have gone too far. I really recommend taking images as you go. Even take an image each time you add something. You can then look back on them and see what is working and what looks right to you. 

I would love you to share some images of things that you make in the Facebook Group. I know a lot of you have been doing that already and it's been wonderful to see.

I hope these videos have helped you. Please ask all your questions in the Facebook Group and I will be happy to help you. Happy styling! xo