Hello and Welcome to my Photography for Makers course! 

It would be lovely if you joined our special Facebook Group, so that we can all connect with each other and you can ask me questions. You can share your images on here too. 

Today I would like you to start by spending some time thinking about your photography and what you would really like to achieve over the next two weeks. This handy form will help you to do this and it will also really help me to see where you are all at now and what you need help with. 

You might want to do that now or watch this video first. 


Telling a consistent and beautiful visual story is so important in a world where we are bombarded with so much content. We need our audience to recognise our images and for new people to enjoy what we are sharing and become part of that audience. 

As you learn to improve your photography it is also good to think about a style and feel for your images. What do you want your images to look like? How do you want them to make people feel? How can you images match your brand or blog? 

Colours, exposure (lightness/darkness), compositions, textures and of course subjects are all things you can use to develop your own visual style. 

If we develop a feel and a style for our images then our visual story will be stronger and more recognisable. 

This is not something that we can do overnight and it is the hardest part of this whole course. Sorry to start with it! But it is really important to spend some time thinking about it now and then to keep returning to it every few months. Or every month if you can make the time. It will come and the more you practise your photography and the more you really think about the content you are creating, the easier it will become. 

A Maker's Story

As makers you have such wonderful, visual stories to tell. Not only are you all making beautiful, inspiring things but your making process is always going to be a fascinating and creative thing to document. 

Engaging with your audience through showing them your process, your inspiration, your workspace, as well as the gorgeous things you make can be done so well through images. 

If you can tell these stories in a style that suits you and your own creativity then it will be even stronger, more authentic and more identifiable. 

I find a really great way to think about the style you want to create and the types of stories you want to tell is to make a Pinterest board. You can either make a private one or a public one if you would like to share it in the Facebook Group with the rest of the group. 

Here are some inspiring Maker stories to help you begin.

I am going to be doing some more pinning for you over the next couple of weeks and sharing more ideas for how to tell your maker stories. 

Have fun today and I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Group.

Emily xo