An online course that will help you understand all the settings and features of this wonderful little camera

Hi there! I’m Emily Quinton. 

I help people learn to take better photographs through the online courses and useful tools we make on

One of my favourite cameras is my Olympus PEN E-PL7. I love it for so many reasons – the flip-back screen for selfies, it's handy size, and the range of high quality lenses are just a few.

I often recommend the PEN series as cameras that fit in-between using your phone or a big SLR.

Several people have said they've had some trouble getting to grips with all the options and settings, so I've put together this short online course!

Learn how to use all the settings and features of this wonderful little camera.



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What's included in my Olympus PEN online course


An on-demand series of lessons you can take at your own pace that will help you overcome any difficulties you are having getting your most out of this beautiful camera. 

With most of our online courses we have everyone starting the course together on a particular date, but this is our first course that you can take any time you like.



During the course you receive a mixture of video lessons and written lessons, which you can take at any time of the day to suit you. There is no real-time requirement.

The lessons stay online afterwards for you to watch again whenever you want.

You can take this course whatever timezone you are in too. People from all over the world take Makelight courses.


Lessons includeD

  • Focus points
  • Aperture Priorty
  • Exposure
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Video
  • Colour modes
  • Getting the most from your PEN

A personal insights report

When you sign up to the class, if you have an Instagram account, you'll receive a beautiful visual report of your colour palette and themes that run through your images.

Find out about what you photograph, and the colours you use, affect how people react to your images.



Join a supportive community

We open a Facebook Group open for every Makelight class. It's amazing to see so many friendships form as a result!

You'll become part of a worldwide community of inspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent makers.

Here are some interviews and quotes from happy attendees!


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