Hello! Emily Quinton here. May is one of my favourite months of the year. In the UK, where I'm based, the blossom is out, my favourite flowers are back in season and the daylight lasts much longer.

Perfect conditions to break out the camera and get inspired to take some beautiful photographs.

Here's what's available – see you in class!

Beautify your Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account and feel a little stuck on how to grow your following?

Or perhaps you feel you're not clear on how to regularly be able to post images? Or needing some inspiration for how to make your account attractive to your audience?

This online class is my most popular and starts in early May. If you can get to London, there's also a one day Instagram workshop that's a great kick-start too.


Photography for Makers

If you're a Maker and love creating things with your hands, you'll really benefit from this online class. It's all about styling and shooting images that show off the things you make as well as your process.

Telling your story as a maker with images is a wonderful way of building a strong community around you and your work.

If you can come to London, join the one-day workshop too! It's great as a stand-alone event but also compliments the online class.


Photography for Food

If you're a blogger and love sharing recipe ideas, or someone who enjoys sharing images of the food you prepare or eat, this is a focused online class to help you improve your food photography.

If you're able to come to the Makelight studio in London or to the workshop in Bristol then you can also practise your image-making with hands on support.


Photography for beginners

This is the Makelight beginners guide. It's a two week online programme of learning all designed to help you understand the principles of photography. You learn alongside a group of other beginners and we run a supportive Facebook group for a whole month.

The results we get from this course are so inspiring to see – even the least confident person who's only ever been able to take a snap shot can come away from this course with a new found joy of image making.

"You've taught me to see the world in a whole new way" was what one student said after taking this!



If you're using visual social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, mainly to grow or promote your business, then this online class is the one for you.

You'll learn about visual storytelling, styling, some principles of photography (mainly on your phone) and come away with tools and techniques that will really help you grow your online following.

There is also a one-day workshop available if you are able to come to London.


Join a workshop

1-day events at my beautiful London studio

Come to the bright, inspiring, Makelight studio and enjoy a day improving your photography. My workshops often sell out, particularly when there is a sale on, so be quick to avoid being disappointed!

Read about the Makelight Magic

The Makelight experience isn't just about learning to take photos. By taking a class you're joining a supportive community that encourages and supports you to improve. Read the stories of some of our past attendees.


I’m Emily Quinton and I can help you learn you to take beautiful photographs.

I hope to see you on one of my online classes and workshops. If you have any questions, please email hello@makelight.io and either I or one of the team will come back to you.

If you're not happy for any reason or are unable to join in with the online classes, you'll get a full refund.

See you in class!

Emily xo