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HEre's what's incluDed & I hope to see you in class!


A two week course that will really help you to focus on how to take photographs that represent your creative work online.

What have you been using photography for so far? Are there things you want to change? Can planning your images help you get ahead? Are you getting the best from your Smartphone? How are you capturing images of the work you produce? What's working? What isn't?

This course will help you answer all of those questions and more. You'll have time to think about what images to share where to enable you to create a strong visual style across your blog, online shop, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and grow the audience for your work as a result.



The course will be taught through video lessons and written lessons, which you can take at any time of the day to suit you. There is no real-time requirement. 

You can take this course whatever timezone you are in and because of the social nature of the course I am sure you will even gain some new followers and friends from meeting your fellow students in the private Facebook group that supports the course! 


Lessons include

  • Finding inspiration and telling your visual story
  • Developing a photographic style
  • Every day creativity
  • Use of natural light
  • Composition
  • Shooting in Aperture Priority
  • ISO
  • Styling your creations and your work in progress
  • Basic editing on your phone
  • Ideas for building your photography kit
  • Learning which images to use where.
  • How to edit images on your phone, so they look great.
  • Story telling through visual social media, so that people want to connect with you and buy from you!
  • Tips for building your social media following and Emily's own stories about how she has grown her following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

A personal insights report

When you sign up to the class, if you have an Instagram account, you'll receive a beautiful visual report of the colour palettes and themes that run through your images.

It reveals so much about how you're using images to show the world what you do, and it can be really helpful for helping you think about the kinds of colours you should be emphasising in the photographs you share.

On top of that you'll get access to a helpful hashtag library and revealing stats about which of your images resonate the most with your following. Fascinating stuff!



You will have access to a private Facebook Group open to all the students on this course. Emily will reply to questions and provide feedback on the images you post there.

Following the course you will be able to join the main private Makelight Worldwide Facebook Group where you can connect with Emily and other students whenever you want to. Become part of a community of entrepreneurs and small business owners and independent makers.

You will receive your lessons each day as a link in your email, which you can access any time during the course and download to refer back to at any time, so you really can take the workshop wherever you are in the world!

If you've attended one of Emily's other courses, this is a great next step for thinking about how to tell your story through capturing beautiful images not just of the finished article but the process you go through in creating whatever it is that you make.


UK £99  |  EU €106  |  US $119   |  CAD $154  |  AUD $164   |   NZD $176

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Any questions about the course please email us at:

Either I or one of our small team will come back to you as soon as we can. We're in the GMT time zone.