Learn to tell the story
of the things you make
in a whole new light

Hi there! I’m Emily Quinton. 

I help creative people learn to take beautiful photographs of the things we create.


The online world is getting more and more visual. People love using Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy to find people who inspire them with what they make.

All of a sudden, it seems like you need to become a photographer as well as a maker in order to get people to find and connect with the work you do! 

You've spent hours making something beautiful. Yet when you go to share it online, the photos you share don't seem to get the reaction you'd hope they would

You think to yourself "what am I doing wrong?" Especially when you see those around you getting a great reaction for similar work. Frustrating!

Don't worry - help is at hand


Learn to tell your maker story

I'm a maker like you, so I know the frustrations first hand!

I've grown my online following by tens of thousands this year. Through my online classes and workshops I've helped thousands of makers and creative people like you to do similarly well.

The advice I offer is about consistently planning, shooting and sharing beautiful images. No yucky tricks!

I want to help you to tell your maker story and I can teach you simple, achievable ways to fit photography into your work and life that won't break the bank.



Join my online class for makers on Monday. LAst few places!

It's a month long program of learning that starts with two weeks of video and written lessons. 

Along the way we'll cover image-making, styling and how to get the best out of the camera you already have. And all in a way that fits into a busy life.

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Love for Makelight COURSES

Don't just take my word for it! Here are three interviews with happy students from past courses, who we've interviewed for a series we call Makelight Magic. Actually, the name came from the community!


Maker spaces

As well as teaching photography to students around the world, I'm also an author. My first book is all about Makers. At home, at work and where the two collide.

It's a photography book all about the beautiful interiors that makers inhabit. 

I fell in love with the idea of being creative every day and I've made it my mission to help other people be creative and tell their stories while they do it!