Improve the images you share of the things you create

Take a two week online photography class
for makers and creative people

Hi there! I’m Emily Quinton. 

I help makers and creative people learn to take beautiful photographs of their work.

The online world is getting more and more visual. People love using Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy to find people who inspire them with what they make.

Increasingly it seems that to get people to notice your work online, you need to be sharing great images.

You've spent hours making something beautiful. Yet when you go to share it online, the photos you take don't seem to get the reaction you'd hope they would

My Photography for Makers course will help you to improve your photography, no matter what camera or phone you have. You'll come away able to create and share beautiful images that help you grow your audience and get attention for your work.

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What's included in my Photography for Makers online course



Through my online classes and workshops I've helped thousands of makers and creative people like you to improve their photography. 

If there's one thing that I teach that I want everyone to realise, it's this:

If you put your efforts into telling a story over a long period of time, instead of just sharing one thing you've made, you'll see huge benefits.

So on my course, you'll hear a lot about "storytelling" through images. People love following the process!



We offer two levels for our Photography for Makers series. Immediately after this course finishes, our Level Two course starts. Interested in taking both together? We have an offer if you buy both at the same time.


TAKE SOME Time to consider how you appear online

Photography for Makers is a two week online course that will help you to focus on how to take great photographs that represent your creative work online.

  • What have you been using photography for so far?
  • Are there things you want to change? 
  • Are you getting the best from your Smartphone?
  • How are you capturing images of the work you produce?
  • What's working? What isn't?

This course will help you answer all of those questions and more. 



During the course you receive a mixture of video lessons and written lessons, which you can take at any time of the day to suit you. There is no real-time requirement. The lessons stay online afterwards for you to watch again whenever you want.

You can take this course whatever timezone you are in too. People from all over the world take Makelight courses – that's wonderful in itself!


You'll Learn about photography, editing, styling and sharing

  • Finding inspiration and telling your visual story
  • Developing a photographic style
  • Every day creativity
  • Use of natural light and ISO
  • Composition
  • Shooting in Aperture Priority
  • Styling your creations and your work in progress
  • Basic editing on your phone
  • Ideas for building your photography kit
  • Learning which images to use where.
  • How to edit images on your phone.
  • Story telling through visual social media, so that people want to connect with you and buy from you!
  • Tips for building your social media following and Emily's own stories about how she has grown her following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

A personal insights report

When you sign up to the class, if you have an Instagram account, you'll receive a beautiful visual report of your colour palette and themes that run through your images.

We call this tool Makelight Insights, and you can use it to understand the themes and colours that people enjoy most about your Instagram account.


Join a supportive community

We open a Facebook Group open for every Makelight class. It's amazing to see so many friendships form as a result!

Afterwards you can join the main private Makelight Worldwide Facebook Group.

You'll become part of a worldwide community of inspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent makers.

Here are some interviews and quotes from happy attendees!

I hope to see you in clasS!