A brand new Makelight course all about how to do "the tech bit"


An inspiring & practical online course.

Learn to use modern tools & approaches to grow your business or project. Tons of inspiration. No knowledge of code required!
Starts June 2017


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Hello! We live in incredible times. I'm constantly amazed at the potential for any of us to start a business or project, set up a website and be able to immediately connect with millions of people.

It can also be daunting. Trying to understand all of the tech you'd need to make something like that happen can be a little overwhelming. Because it's not as easy as it sounds!

So, today we're releasing a brand new course from my husband and Makelight co-founder, Stef. 

I hope this will help you to grow what you do!

Emily xo


Hello! I'm Stef.

Along with Emily and our small team, I help to run Makelight. I'm a designer, technologist and if you follow me on Instagram you might know me for drawing lots of cute monsters. 

Over the past fifteen years, I've created award-winning websites, apps and design work. Often for my own ventures but also for small businesses, brands and charities. Many of the things I've helped start have raised millions in funding.

If there's one thing I've learnt along the way, it's how to use technology and design to grow an idea from nothing to something.



What I get excited about is helping creative people and entrepreneurs to make a success of what they love to do. I've spent years working out how to get an idea from zero to something that works. I've seen projects fail because of too much tech being used to solve a problem, and also people being frustrated and unaware of how to take advantage of modern apps and tools.

On this brand new Makelight course I'll be sharing with you tools and approaches that will help you make your project or business successful without having to learn to code, or pay a lot to get it to grow.


Grow your business or project in a nimble way

Over one month, starting late September, you'll receive a series of short videos and exercises from me, in four weekly themes. We'll be covering some of these themes, and lots more!

No prior knowledge or special skills required.
If you'd love to know how to get going using tech tools, this course is for you.


1. Define & explain
Defining your value.
The importance of measurement.
Setting up analytics in a way that works for you.
Making pages that work for you.

2. Build & funnel
Understanding how & why people come to you.
Growing a mailing list.
Facebook ad strategies.
Creating "your free thing".


3. Simplify & automate
Tools to make life easier.
Designing for intent.
Using code-free automation tools to run things.
Create automatic emails.

4. Sell & experiment
E-commerce considerations.
Running growth experiments.
Dashboards, feeds and alerts.
Getting set for social.


1 month
4 modules
28 snackable lessons
100s of ways to use tech to grow what you do


Emily and I have built Makelight using the approaches I'll be sharing in this course. We often get asked questions about how we do what we do ("how do you get your emails to look like that?") so I'm looking forward to sharing some of what we've learnt with you.

As with all of our Makelight courses, you'll receive a series of videos, written lessons and assignments via our very own course system.

Take the lessons any time – there's no realtime requirement.

Do the course anywhere in the World.

Join a special Facebook group and connect with other people facing similar issues.

Join live video Q&As where you can ask your questions.


30 earlybird places (sold out)

30 advance places (sold out)

90 standard places

We're so pleased to have had such a positive reaction so quickly to this new course. 

Our earlybird spaces sold out in just a couple of days and the advance spaces sold out in a week!

We've now released our final spaces, after which we will close registrations.

Buy today to avoid disappointment. Course starts late September.


Or pay monthly: four payments of £55.


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