I hope this weekend has really made you think about your photography and what you want to do this year. 

Please take some time now to set yourself some goals for the year. I always find this so useful. I don't always meet my goals. Plans change. Life sometimes gets in the way and that's okay but goals really do help keep me learning, improving what I do and most of all goals make me create time for the stuff that I really want to do. 

My goals for 2016: 

Use my tripod regularly
Practise using my new Olympus Pen camera
Improve my video skills (that's very much connected!)
Create different visual social media content for my different channels
Keep on top of my data and storage
Take more images outdoors, away from my studio

I would really love to hear some of yours in the Facebook Group. I always feel inspired readying other people's goals and plans for the year. They often help me to add to my own. And...for Makelight, your goals will definitely help me to build the right courses and content to support you all over this coming year. 

Have fun and keep practising! xo