I am sure getting to grips with Visual Social Media is high up on your list for things to do and achieve in 2016. 

I am already thinking about my social media goals too. I am definitely planning to make sure that I have a good variety of content to share on my different platforms. This helps me to grow my following and also engage with my current audiences. 

I also love having different places for different types of images. It's like having a variety of projects and it helps me to keep inspired, fresh and creative where my photography is concerned. 

I know I have shared this with some of you before but I really recommend this article from Buffer, which keeps you up to date with the best image sizes for each platform. Have a read and think about how when you are shooting an image where you are intending on showing it.

On Twitter, it crops off the top and bottom of the image when it's show in the timeline, so you have to make sure that the point of interest is within the middle third. For Pinterest you'll likely be shooting in portrait.

If you have any social media questions please ask them in the Facebook Group, so I can share the answers with the group. I'm sure all the questions you have will help everyone else. 

And set yourself some social media goals for 2016. Have fun! xo