When I started planning the images I needed to take for my blog it made such a huge difference to the quality of the images I was sharing and to my productivity. I no longer had to spend ages looking for a suitable image in my thousands of images or have a blog post on hold waiting for the right image to suddenly appear. 

This worked so well that I then began to realise that I could do the same thing for my social media images too. This again helped me with my productivity and quality of my images. And it really helped with my consistency. A very important thing in social media. 


So, now at the beginning of each week, and often again in the middle of the week, I plan my images for the week. And it looks something like this. 

Week Beginning: January 4th

- 7 flowers for morning images (shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

- Images to go with this week’s YouTube Video (for the video cover, Pinterest and Instagram)

- Images for a Steller Story. (perhaps one about NY planning?)

- Images to promote my next course and workshops

- Image of my calendar on the wall

- Image of the studio

 - Image for #themakersyear 


Prop boxes

As well as being organised with my photography I also get organised with my props. Each month I change what’s on my prop table in my studio and what’s in my prop boxes at home. Sometimes I just want to create a little vignette and have a play around and potter. Not all my images are planned, lots are spontaneous. But they are helped by what I surround myself with.

The gathering of props is something I find incredibly inspiring and calming. Touching things, arranging things and bringing different things together, all really help me to think of new compositions and ways of styling the props.

Prop boxes don't have to be very big but they are so very useful. If you don't have one already I really recommend finding a small box like a shoe box and gathering a few things in it that inspire you, make you smile and definitely make you want to take a photograph of them! You'll be amazed at what you can discover in your home. And then as you go about your daily life I'm sure you'll find more things to add. Feathers, shells, stones and pine cones are all gorgeous natural treasures you can add to your prop box. It really doesn't have to cost much money! 

Why don't you have a go at planning your images for next week? Or if that feels too much then how about making a list of images you would like to capture this month? And then also start creating your own prop box. Have fun and don't forget to ask any questions or leave any comments in the Facebook Group. xo