Hello and Happy New Year! 

Hello 2016! Let's make it a beautiful, inspiring, creative and happy one. xxoxx

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Thank you for joining me for this two day refresh course. I hope you will feel inspired and energised at the end of it and ready to photograph your 2016. 

For this weekend and all of next week we can connect, share images and ask questions in this special Facebook Group. 

I will be sending you two more lessons today and three tomorrow. The lessons will stay up until January 11th and you will get a PDF download at the end too. 


I would love you to find an empty notebook (or some paper you can file somewhere special) that you can dedicate to your photography in 2016. Write down course notes and goals.

Stick in images – both yours and ones that you love. Use it to plan your images. Take time to create a beautiful resource for yourself. 

You might not have the right book to hand at the moment but try to find one that you can start writing and sticking in as soon as you can. I know that when I write things down it really helps me to learn, to focus and to make stuff happen!

I will be back later today with your next lesson. Have fun thinking about your photography and saying hello in the Facebook Group until then! xo