Makelight Magic

One of the big things that's really spurred me on to grow Makelight is that every once in a while I get a lovely email from someone who has taken one of my courses.

A while ago one of the Makelighters (not sure who, sorry!) coined the phrase "Makelight Magic". It stuck! Since then I've been collecting interviews about the wonderful progress that people from the community have been making with their photography since attending one of my workshops or online courses.

I now publish Makelight Magic stories from the communty on the blog. Have a read and get inspired about taking your photography further!


If you'd like to appear here with your Makelight Magic story, I'd love to hear it! Please email me with a little background on who you are, where you were before joining the Makelight community and how the experience has helped you. Include a few photos, and let me know where is best to link to you.