The Makelight Membership
is one year old!

To celebrate, we have a special offer
just for existing members


A special limited offer to celebrate one year of the Makelight membership

We are so excited that the Makelight Membership is now one year old and to celebrate we are offering a very special ‘Makelight Lifetime Membership’ for the start of May. 

For a one-off payment of £500 you will have Makelight Membership forever! 

Stef and Emily have so many wonderful, inspiring and actionable things to share with you, to help you to build a business, blog or project that you are passionate about. We have also only just started on the Makelight Tech and Tools that we have planned, all of which will be included in the Membership. 

This special offer is only available this week and one lucky person who buys it will win their Lifetime Membership and get a full £500 refund! 

Special extras you'll get as a lifetime member

  • Access to all of our membership courses and benefits
  • A special icon that will appear next to your profile 
  • A page listing all of our lifetime members
  • Appear higher in "recommended users" lists
  • Extra love on social media
  • Early access to new features, like our new Circles groups
  • Future awesomeness that we've not even thought of yet!

A note for April/May 2016 Founder members: We are also adding those Founder members who have chosen to continue their membership, into the Lifetime Membership competition. If you're one of our April/May 2016 Founder members who has accepted the offer that Emily has emailed you about this week, you might win this exciting prize and get a refund and get upgraded to Lifetime!