Hello again! 

I have been so impressed with all your flat lays. So inspiring and I think you can all make great use of this kind of image in your Instagram streams. 

I want to also share ideas for illustrating your beautiful creations and patterns but first I am going to show you how I set up and style an image step by step. It's really so similar to a flat lay but I think you often need to keep upright images quite simple and they can often be ruined by the addition of too many things. 

Thinking about the background, colours, layers and the story of the image are all really important. 

Below I have taken a series of images that show you how I build up an image. While you are practising styling your images, it's great to take images each time you add something else. You can do this with your phone if it's easier and then take the final images with your main camera or indeed your phone! I have taken a final image and then a detail image of the final set up. I took all these with my dSLR camera and then also took one with my phone as a square crop that I could use on Instagram. 


Sometimes when I style an image I find that I need to remove something or take something out because it's the wrong colour. The more you create little vignettes like this, the easier it is to know when something is working or isn't working. You will get to know colours and patterns that go together. You will know which backgrounds and props photograph well and can be reliable like old friends! 

I thought it would be good to share some images of knitting, crochet and weaving that have inspired me while teaching this course and explain why. I hope they give you some inspiration too. And that it helps you to look at images that inspire you and work out how to take similar ones yourself. 

These images are all by Carol of Bye Bye Birdie and are from her Instagram stream. I love how light and bright they are but still cosy. She creates the cosiness with the addition of the fire in the background or the image of a morning in bed. I love the consistency of all the white but I love how she changes the white backgrounds. Sometimes it is the white wall panelling, other times the white sheets or just a plain white table. You don't have to stick with one background colour (I certainly don't!) to have a beautiful Instagram gallery but it is something to think about in terms of backgrounds and how to add variety while also creating images that flow when they are together. When you create images for a website you need to think about this too and colour palette can be a beautiful and simple way to do this. 

I wanted to share these four images by the talented Lark and Arrow because the show how you can very simply and beautifully illustrate your work in different ways. An image of the product in a scene, an image of the making or like here an element of your craft. How cute is that kitten?! A close up image and then a simple image of the product itself. In all these images the colour pallet is really muted and the images come to life because of the textures used in the images to compliment the texture of the yarn. The sheepskin and the pieces of wood are perfect companions for the yarn in these images. 

Over the coming week I am going to share an image a day in our Facebook Group and explain to you why I like it and how you can achieve it using your new skills. 

Keep practising over the weekend! xo