Welcome to this Visual Social Media course. I am really looking forward to spending the next two weeks with you. In Week One I will be sharing lots of tips for creating beautiful images for your social media and then in Week Two I will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration to help you to share the best images in the right places and tell you how I have grown my following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

To begin with today it would be great if you could join the private Facebook Group for this course. If you would like to introduce yourself there and share your social media contacts and a little bit about yourself that would be lovely! 

And then enjoy the first video. 

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Today I would like you to take time to look at what you are doing with your social media channels at the moment. Are you sharing the same content everywhere? Do you think about what images you post or are you just trying to fill your streams with content in the hope that it will work? 

Do you have an idea of what you would like to do with your social media? Is there anything you are struggling with right now? 

Use this time to really think about what you have been doing so far. It's not often we give ourselves the time to do this, so make the time today. 

If you use Instagram (and I really hope that you do!) then take a screen shot today, so that you can see what your gallery looks like now before we spend the next two weeks together. This will be useful at the end of the course. 


Telling a consistent and beautiful visual story is so important in a world where we are bombarded with so much content. We need our audience to recognise our images and for new people to enjoy what we are sharing and become part of that audience. 

As you learn to improve your photography it is also good to think about a style and feel for your images. What do you want your images to look like? How do you want them to make people feel? How can you images match your brand or blog? 

Colours, exposure (lightness/darkness), compositions, textures and of course subjects are all things you can use to develop your own visual style. 

If we develop a feel and a style for our images then our visual story will be stronger and more recognisable. 

This is not something that we can do overnight and it is the hardest part of this whole course. Sorry to start with it! But it is really important to spend some time thinking about it now and then to keep returning to it every few months. Or every month if you can make the time. It will come and the more you practise your photography and the more you really think about the content you are creating, the easier it will become. 

I find a really great way to think about the style you want to create is to make a Pinterest board. You can either make a private one or a public one if you would like to share it in the Facebook Group. 

You can see a board I have made here that shows my Makelight Style. I hope that inspires you to make your own. 

Have fun today and I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Group. xo