This lesson is all about getting the most from your Camera Phone. I love using my iPhone for social media because it's always with me and it's quick to take an image, edit it and get it up online. Images that I take with my other cameras often stay on the memory cards for a few days before I find a moment to upload them onto my laptop. I do use dSLR images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but my Instagram is strictly iPhone only. That is just what I do. That's not a rule! I just personally love the challenge of creating images with my iPhone for Instagram. 

When I take images with my iPhone I always use the Camera. I never take images with the Instagram camera. My husband loves Camera + and VSCO, which are both super too. When I shoot images for Instagram I always shoot Square. Most cameras now offer this option, so if you can shoot in the Square format then please do if you want a Square image. It is to much better to compose for the format you want, rather than to take an image that you are planning to crop afterwards. Be in the moment of the image, rather than the image plus a border to crop! 

If you have an iPhone you can tap the screen to focus your camera on the subject of your image. You will then see a little sunshine. When you see the sunshine, you can swipe up to make the image brighter and swipe down to make the image darker. This is the exposure and if you have an Android phone some of the models have an option to adjust the exposure. It may look like this +/-. I can't tell you how excited I was when this first was added to the iPhone! It is brilliant for making images brighter but it is also wonderful for creating dark and moody images too. So fun! 

When I have taken my image I then edit it with PicTapGo, which is my favourite editing app. I love it because it has lots of choices of filters, which you can layer up and create recipes of your favourite combinations. You can choose how much of each filter you add to your images, so the filters can be a lot more subtle than the ones on Instagram and it also enables you to create your own styles for your images that don't look like all the other ones on Instagram! You can also save your favourite 12 filters, so you don't have to keep scrolling through all of them! My favourites are Auto Colour, Lights On, Contrast, Brightside and the additional film filters that you can add on for a little extra. 

Unfortunately PicTapGo is only available on iPhones at the moment. But I also recommend VSCO and Afterlight, which are available for Android too. 

If you have any questions about your camera phones please ask in the Facebook Group.