Today I am going to talk to you about Pinterest. It is not technically a social media platform but more of a search engine. However, I think most of us think of it as social media (I certainly do!) and it can play a very important part in telling our visual story. It can also drive plenty of traffic to our blogs and websites, so definitely worth talking about. 

I use Pinterest to expand the visual story that I am telling my audience. I only post beautiful, inspiring images and anything that doesn't fit into that category that I want to post for myself I put into a secret board. I want my Pinterest boards to be an extension of every thing else that I have online. They tell my audience a bit more about me and my style and taste. 

I also use Pinterest to get my own work out there for people to see. Every blog post (almost every blog post!) has a 'Pinable' image in it. So, every time I am taking photographs for a blog post I make sure that I have one hero image that is a Portrait image. Take a look at Pinterest and look for a Landscape image. It will be tiny in comparison to the rest and it's unlikely to be pinned as much as all the other images because people just won't see it as easily. 

This portrait, hero image is the image that I will Pin onto one of my boards and is the one that I hope others will Pin too. The better this image is, the more likely it is to be pinned and repinned. And it is also more likely to drive traffic back to your website/blog. 

So, when I take images for a blog post I take the images for the blog post, a square image to share on Instagram when I have published the blog post and a portrait image to include in my blog post that will be pinned to Pinterest. If I have time I will also shoot a few extra images that I can post up on Facebook and Twitter with a link to the post. 

And finally, I use Pinterest as a place to find new inspiration and ideas and also to see what is popular at the moment. I try to Pin for 5-10 minutes every day. 

I do love to Pin!