One of the most common questions we get asked is.

What kind of camera does Emily use?

So we've put together this page to help you find the camera equipment you need to get started with taking beautiful images. Here is Emily to take you through her gear.


This is my favourite ever camera. It is my pro camera and I use it for all my commissions, portfolio work and for lots of the portraits I take of my children. We also use it to shoot all the Makelight Videos. 


This lens is great for portraits.


My go-to lens for close up shots


A great lens for food photography, portraits, street photography and landscapes. 


This is my favourite camera for travel and for having in my bag when I’m out and about. It is light, compact and gorgeous. I have the E-PL7 on the left but there is a new model out, the E-PL8 which is definitely on my wishlist!


This is a cute little Canon and a light alternative to taking my large and heavy 5D out. I can use all my Canon lenses with this camera.


Some of my other toys. (Serious toys!)


So much fun can be had with this camera. It’s an expensive treat to use though as each image costs about £1. 

The camera in my pocket that I use every day to capture the majority of my Instagram images and lots of moments of my life. A great camera, don't over look the humble iPhone!

This compact camera is a brilliant entry level camera and is the one that we bought for our daughter for her 7th birthday. I was 7 when I first took a photograph with my Dad’s SLR camera, so this age was pretty special for me!


A tripod is an essential piece of kit if you're serious about taking beautiful images. Here are two great options, an entry level and a sturdier more versatile option. A tripod is an investment, the one we use in the Makelight studio for shoots and recording our videos has been with us for over ten years! It is definitely worthwhile investing in a quality tripod that will be sturdy, portable and stand the test of time!