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Improving and growing your Instagram isn't all about likes and followers. It's about developing a visual style that's coherent and consistent.

Get your style right, and you'll grow your account in a positive, natural, enjoyable way.

We've developed an insights tool that helps you understand the themes and color palettes that your audience likes the best, through an attractive, shareable report.


What colours do you use?

a beautiful visualisation of the colours you use In your images

People often follow you based on an initial scan of your gallery – so what colours do they see at that moment?

Knowing your colour palette, and being mindful of it when you're taking images for Instagram can have a huge effect on how consistent and attractive your gallery will be.


Your most successful themes and hashtags

Which hashtags and themes are most well received by your audience?

What does this tell you about your images? Where could you go next?

Connect with other people by finding others who share your passions.


See your current best nine

We crunch the numbers and pull out the most popular nine images that you've recently posted and make it into a collage for you.

Do any themes emerge? Does it help you realise anything about your Instagram gallery?

You can easily share it as an image on Instagram or Pinterest too.


Stats, and more…


You'll also get a little stats section about the percentage of your followers who like your recent images. It's a nicer way of thinking about your account, especially if you're just starting out! We'll be adding more stats, so if you'd love to see something in particular, let us know!


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