Improve the images you take of food

Join an inspiring online course STARTING April 2017

Hello foodies!  Our level one and two food photography courses have been such a success that we're running them again back to back in 2017!


Level 1 - Food Photography & Styling

Includes lessons on creating well composed images, using natural light, great camera settings for photographing food, visual story telling, styling & props, backgrounds & colour combinations, setting a scene and sharing on social media.

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About your tutors

Hi there. I’m Emily Quinton. I teach people to take beautiful photographs. 

Increasingly, to communicate well online we're using images, and many of us now carry a camera around in our pockets every day – our phones! 

But do you know how to really use a phone or a camera to create images of food that work well online?

I've teamed up with award-winning food photographer Catherine Frawley to offer a series of online courses for people who want to improve their food photography.

Join us and get inspired to improve your food photography.


Learn to make your food look as good as it tastes

Professional photographers Catherine Frawley (of Borrowed Light) and Emily Quinton (of Makelight) took their popular Food Photography & Styling workshop online for the first time this June and a second time this October. It went down a storm! 

A two week course that will really help you improve the standard of your food photography.

What have you been using photography for so far? How are you styling your food to capture it at its best? Are you getting the best from your camera or Smartphone? Are you getting the most out of social media and sharing?

Make time to learn some new skills. Stop sharing grainy, poorly-lit images and learn to tell the story of you and your food in a beautiful way.



The course will be taught through video lessons and written lessons, which you can take at any time of the day to suit you. There is no real-time requirement. 

You can take this course whatever timezone you are in and because of the social nature of the course I am sure you will even gain some new followers and friends from meeting your fellow students in the private Facebook group that supports the course! 


Lessons included

  • How to create well-composed images.
  • Using natural light.
  • Great camera settings for photographing food. 
  • Visual story telling. 
  • Styling tips and tricks to help your food look amazing. 
  • Advice about props.
  • Picking backgrounds and colour combinations.
  • How to set up a scene.
  • Sharing your food photography on social media.

You will have access to a private Facebook Group open to all the students on this course. Emily and Catherine will reply to questions and provide feedback on the images you post there.

Following the course you will be able to join the main private Makelight Worldwide Facebook Group where you can connect with Emily and other students whenever you want to.

You will receive your lessons each day as a link in your email, which you can access any time during the course and download to refer back to at any time, so you really can take the workshop wherever you are in the world!

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You can take the class from anywhere in the world and take the lessons as and when you like. 


Love for the Makelight experience

This is the first time we've run this course online, but we often hear that attendees have really enjoyed the experience at our workshops.

Here's Carly's progress since attending our Food Photography class last year.


Any questions about the course, email and one of the Makelight team will help you.