Are you stuck? Lets get you unstuck.

We're not always able to be around to help throughout the day, so here is a little collection of the things we get asked the most. 


How do your courses work?

Our courses are based online. The course material is released gradually over the duration of the course for you to work through in your own time. You will have access to the course material indefinitely after the course is over, so if you fall behind, don't worry!

There is a private Facebook group for each course for you to share your progress and connect with your fellow students, this will remain open for several weeks after the course is finished to accommodate any students joining late.

When you sign up for a course you will sign in to the Makelight course site with Facebook or Instagram and get access to your personal dashboard. This dashboard is where you will see all of your courses, lessons, and where you can access the Makelight suite of tools like our insights report, hashtag and review tools.

Am I too late to join?

Most of our courses run over two weeks, others like Makelight Tech are longer. We have people joining throughout the duration of the courses, some even as they are ending! We know our students lead busy lives, so our courses are designed for you to work through them at your own pace and as we mentioned above you have access to the material indefinitely after the course is finished.

Can I pay monthly?

Short answer. Yes! All of our courses have the option to pay it in a few monthly instalments. For example: for a £99 course you would pay £33 a month over 3 months, just look for a link beneath the buy now button on any of our course pages.

I can't access my course!

Don't panic! You will have received an email from us confirming your attendance on the course, your best bet is to find this email, click through from the link and that will confirm your attendance to the course. Remember to check your spam folder as sometimes emails can end up there.

If you're still stuck, make sure you're signed out on the Makelight Website, then sign back in using whatever you usually use to sign in (Facebook or Instagram), then access your courses from the menu in the top left. Happy learning!

What is a Makelight Member?

The Makelight Membership is how we're growing the community. It's our vessel for sharing all the inspiration we create. Our members get free featured Makelight courses every two months, an exclusive mini course every month, downloads, live Q&As, personalised reviews, hashtag planning tools, custom Instagram insights reports, a supportive community, discounts on all other Makelight courses, monthly photography challenges - are you convinced yet? 


What kind of camera does Emily use?

Here is a bit of a rundown of Emily's kit.

Canon 5D Mk III

This is my favourite ever camera. It is my pro camera and I use it for all my commissions, portfolio work and for lots of the portraits I take of my children. We also use it to shoot all the Makelight Videos. 


  • 50mm 1.4 - great for portraits
  • 24-70mm 2.8 - great for food photography, portraits, street photography and landscapes. 
  • 50mm 2.5 Macro - for close-ups

Olympus PEN epl-7

This is my favourite camera for travel and for having in my bag when I’m out and about. It is light, compact and gorgeous. 


  • 17mm 2.8 great for portraits and street photography
  • 40mm 1.8 great for portraits but at a further distance away to the 17mm. 

Canon 1300D

This is a cute little Canon and a light alternative to taking my large and heavy 5D out. I can use all my Canon lenses with this camera. 


  • 40mm 2.8 - great for portraits
  • 24-70mm 2.8 - great for food photography, portraits, street photography and landscapes. 
  • 50mm 2.5 Macro - for close-ups
  • Macro Converter MCON-P02

Panasonic Lumix TZ6 Digital Camera

This compact camera is a brilliant entry level camera and is the one that we bought for our daughter for her 7th birthday. I was 7 when I first took a photograph with my Dad’s SLR camera, so this age was pretty special for me!

Fujifilm Instax Mini

So much fun can be had with this camera. It’s an expensive treat to use though as each image costs about £1. 

iPhone 6s

The camera in my pocket that I use every day to capture the majority of my Instagram images and lots of moments of my life.


I like to shoot with Camera+ and edit with PicTapGo