Are you stuck on "auto" with your camera?


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Hi! I'm Emily Quinton. I'm a photographer and online teacher. I help people learn how to take better photographs. 

If you're doing anything online, you need to be sharing great images that communicate what you are about. This month-long online course will help you to focus on improving the images that you create.

We'll cover all of the essential elements of making a good online image: using natural light, composing, styling, editing and publishing.

Read on for how it works! Emily xo


Starts JUNE 2017

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Making Light Work

Creating attractive images for your blog, website, Instagram and Pinterest are now an important part of running a modern business or promoting whatever you do online.

But who has the time and the budget to pay a professional every time we need an image? 

I want to help you to get confident with your camera so you can make great images whenever you need to. 

Over a four week period I'll send you videos and practical lessons to take you through the essential aspects of photography. 

I love teaching people to improve at photography, and I've now taught thousands of happy people. You'll learn how to take photographs in a way that fits into your life, using the camera you already have.


Get off "auto" mode and start taking better photographs!

This one month online course will help you to focus on improving the images that you create.

Do you have a camera that you're using but not quite sure how all of the features work?

Do you see other people taking beautiful images and feel frustrated with your own results?

Are you trying to reach an online audience but wishing you could produce stronger images?

If you join this class we'll address all of those issues and more!



Lessons included

If you've been a part of the Makelight community for a while, you'll know that we used to call this the "beginners" course. But really, it's about getting the essentials right, so we re-named it! We cover a lot in the month-long series of lessons:

  • Finding inspiration
  • Developing a photographic style
  • Every day creativity
  • Use of natural light
  • Composition
  • Styling
  • Getting the most from your camera phone
  • Shooting in Aperture Priority
  • ISO
  • Basic editing on your phone and computer
  • Ideas for building your photography kit

Join A supportive community

Once you've taken part in a Makelight course, you're part of a supportive community of thousands of creative, inspiring people. 

You will have access to a private Facebook Group open to all the students on this course. It's becoming quite common for people to become good friends as a result!

Get feedback, share your progress, or even connect and make collaborations happen.


Learn at your own pace

Life is busy! You will receive your lessons three times a week, which you can access any time during or after the course. There's no realtime requirement – learn when you want, and get feedback as you progress. We use our own specially-built learning site that's designed just for our courses to help and support you.

The only time you'd need to be online at a specific time is if you'd like to join the live Q&A session via Facebook Live. It's a great way to ask questions and get feedback on specific issues you're facing.

I'm looking forward to helping you get inspired to improve your photography! Emily xoxo


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