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Visit This Hanging Garden In London's Financial Centre

Visit This Hanging Garden In London's Financial Centre

This small but gorgeous hanging garden is the second floral installation by artist Rebecca Louise Law that we've featured on the blog. Remember the urban garden we visited in March at St. Christopher's Place? She created that exquisite oasis too!

Rebecca's latest creation - made up of 30,000 flowers - is called The City Garden and it's inside a new venue called The City Centre right next to London's Guildhall.

The purpose of this space is to promote the city's famous Square Mile - the historic financial centre of London. With this in mind, Rebecca has created one of two inaugural exhibits currently on display in the building.

Since the garden hangs in an enclosed space, an exquisite floral smell surrounds you the moment you enter The City Centre through sliding glass doors. I heard several other women commenting on the pretty perfumed aroma too.

The flowers hang upside down in what is essentially the foyer of this building.  I was told that Rebecca gathered the flowers from 34 green spaces located within London's financial district - each section of the hanging garden corresponds to a real garden! During my visit I spotted some magnolia tree branches, and I was told these had been collected from near the Leadenhall Building (more popularly know as The Cheesegrater).

It's incredible to realise there are so many precious green spaces dotted around this part of town. At the exhibit you can collect a free illustrated map which will guide you through the gardens used in the installation. I plan to take the suggested route on the next sunny day!

Copper wiring suspends the flowers which are slowly drying. And - as we move from late Spring to Summer - an additional 20,000 flowers will be added between now and when the exhibit closes in September.

This is an small but beautifully whimsical installation that is both thought-provoking and fun to photograph. You'll definitely need to be patient and increase the brightness on you phone or camera because the garden is inside and lacking natural light. I tried to stay close to the windows for my images. I also used a 45 mm lens on my Olympus Pen to get the photos below and I've brightened them up using A Color Story.

The City Garden is open from now until the 25th of September, Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00. There is also an interesting model of London on the lower ground floor that I recommend checking out while you're in the building. The cost for both is free. The address is: The City Centre, 80 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5AR.


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