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6 women using Makelight Insights to bloom on Instagram

6 women using Makelight Insights to bloom on Instagram

Makelight has launched a very special new tool called Makelight Insights to give you all kinds of fascinating feedback about your Instagram images. If you haven't tried it out yet, get your report here

Your Makelight Insights report provides feedback on different aspects of your Instagram feed. The one I want to explore in this post is the colour palette.

I want to share with you how six super talented women each feels about her Makelight Insights colour palette.

Keep scrolling to meet this creative bunch of photographers!

Deanna Matyskiel | Cake & Flower Paper | @cakeandflowerpaper


My business is Cake and Flower Paper. I started painting with watercolors this Spring and just fell in love with it. I noticed that I love painting little cakes and flowers, so that's how I came up with the name!

I started posting my illustrations on Instagram and it helped give me a vision of what I wanted to do. I'm starting to print cards and art prints this summer, and really excited! Emily's course and her creative guidance truly helped me shape my vision.

Since taking my first Makelight course (this past March) I've been interested in learning more about Instagram and how I can best use it for my new business. When I post an image, I'm very selective about the colors and ask myself if it flows well in my gallery.

The new color report gave me a fresh perspective on which colors I'm posting often. Some of the colors in my report surprised me! There are more neutrals than I expected. I paint with watercolors, so I expected my palette to be full of pinks, blues, greens and purples. I love color, so I don't shy away from bright hues.

I do think the report showed an accurate collection of my image colors - soft pastels (from my illustrations) mixed with neutrals (my backgrounds). Overall, the palette is delicate and represents my painting style. I'm considering using richer colors in some of my images going forward.

I do feel my colors have a major impact on my Instagram gallery. It attracts certain followers and reflects my feminine and cheerful style.

I hope to develop my color palette in my creative work and with my Instagram, so that I have a signature style.

Kate Housden | @posyandpetal


Hello, let me introduce myself: I’m Kate, illustrator, storyteller, maker and dreamer. I’m also a wife and mama to two little ones and am trying to make big things happen in my creative life by taking small but consistent steps in the right direction.

I first met Emily at the end of last year when I attended one of her photography courses at her studio and was blown away by the beautiful space that she had created and all that she had achieved.

I was so inspired by the way Emily utilised social media and in particular Instagram to tell her story and build such an engaged and creative community. I was struggling to take the first steps in my journey and Emily told me that I just needed to start and so I did, that very same day.

I have been posting daily since January and have already made some really meaningful connections with like minded people all over the world. I love to dip into Instagram for moments of inspiration and it has become part of my daily routine, sharing happy images with the world and receiving so many back in return.

When posting on Instagram I like to tell a story with my images and to try to capture the lovely parts of day to day life. I always look at my last few photographs to try and balance the colours, textures and angles, aiming to create a harmonious grid that conveys a clean, light and bright aesthetic.

I was really intrigued to try out Makelight Insights as it is always interesting to get another perspective and indeed some insights into what is working well and areas that need a little fine tuning.

I was curious to see my top nine images displayed together, some which I thought might be there with the addition of a couple of surprises.

I loved seeing my colour palette and have printed out the pretty pink, green and grey dots to keep to hand when snapping and editing my photos to achieve more consistency. The colours were a little brighter than I expected and it was encouraging to see that the keywords reflected the themes that I had been hoping to convey; woodlands, flowers, spring, illustration.

How lovely to have my own little bit of personalised Makelight magic, I look forward to using this information to inform my future photographs and seeing how my colour palette changes throughout the seasons.

Lilian Mackenzie | Lilian Mackenzie Photography | @LilianMPhoto


I've always dreamt of having a creative business but I didn’t quite know what shape it would take. Attending a Makelight workshop at the beginning of last year reignited my love for styling and photography, and I’ve enjoyed sharing little squares on Instagram ever since.

Having met many creative business owners through Instagram and Makelight, it dawned on me that many makers struggle with showing off their brands and products due to the lack of beautiful imagery. Hence my new business was born.

I create elegant styled stock, branding and product images, and I hope to help makers attract their dream clients with lots of organic textures, romantic details, and of course, lots of flowers!

I love the colour analysis in the new Makelight Insights Report, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I want my new Instagram feed for my styling and photography business to feel intentionally curated.

It’s great to see my branding palette appear on the colour analysis, but now I know I need to focus more on my grey and blush tones. The monthly report will really keep me in check.

As pretty as the orange tulips are, I keep thinking they don’t belong in my feed, and now I know for sure!

Hannah Gee | Love Inc. | @loveincltd


I run an award winning shop on the high street in Tunbridge Wells. We sell a mixture of vintage, hand made and modern home wares and gifts.

I'm also a product designer and about to launch a range of handmade, scented candles with empowering and thoughtful quotes etched into the glass holders.

Our style is an eclectic mix that helps our customers, in their busy lives, to find the perfect thoughtful gift for their nearest and dearest. My inspiration for the shop comes from wanting to empower others to find unique bits and pieces for their own homes, and for those they love.

As a business owner, I am just starting to really sort my social media channels out to reflect the wonderful things we have happening at Love Inc., both in the shop and in our business life.

The colour analysis dots are reflecting some of the colours my brand represents, but I am clearly going off-piste somewhere and need to re-evaluate what colours I am posting. I want to have a purer Instagram feed, that reflects my shop more clearly.

I need more pink (yay!), more grey, more green and less blue, red and black. The analysis helps me with my planning as it is instantly clear where I need to focus.

Camilla Elms | Camilla Elms Nutrition | @camillaelmsnutrition


I live in Kent with my husband, eight year old daughter and six year old twin boys. Alongside studying for a University degree in Nutritional Therapy, I also recently established my own business: Camilla Elms Nutrition.

I work with clients on a one-to-one basis, advising how best to improve the nutritional profile of their diets, devising delicious recipes, weekly menu plans and imparting - what I've been told - is an infectious passion for simple healthy cooking. My long term goal is to set up workshops and interactive cookery clinics for adults and young cooks alike.

Instagram continues to provide daily inspiration & motivation within a supportive, like-minded community - allowing nutritious whole food ingredients to shine! The colour on the plate is the single greatest indicator of a healthy diet at first glance. 

I have loved seeing the natural hues of my Insights colour palette emulating the diverse shades of the healthy whole food I advocate. Eight different shades of green symbolise the variety of leafy greens in the diet that I expound with such a passion.

Pinks, reds and oranges hint at the nutritional accents of berries, root vegetables and the occasional blooms that define my favourite ♯eattherainbow.

I relish seeing how this will evolve monthly through the seasons!

Julie King | Peonies & Posies | @peoniesandposies


Peonies & Posies is the place where I love to share my passion for flowers - how to grow them, ideas on styling and lots of flowery photographs.

Mixed in with all the flowers you will also find bits about my family life in Suffolk including gardening, growing vegetables, recipes, keeping chickens and a few guest appearances from my many pets.

One day I would like to turn Peonies & Posies into a business offering courses based in my Cutting Garden where I would teach all I know about growing and arranging flowers and maybe turn my love of photographing and writing about flowers into a book and magazine work.

When I saw that Emily had introduced a Makelight Insights Report I was intrigued and eager to know more.

My first report arrived last week and I was delighted with the colour chart. When I post to Instagram I am aware of trying to make my colours blend and work within a palette, but this chart instantly highlighted what I needed to know. 

April had been a more colourful month than usual - largely because it is tulip season. I had used less of the soft pink shades that I like to focus around so need to keep this in mind for May.

Having this tool on a monthly basis will make it much easier for me to visualise my feed as I am planning my Instagram feed and I am delighted with the visual information it will give me - well done Makelight and thank you!

The Makelight Insights report provides information about the content of your Instagram feed - this is important because existing tools focus exclusively on the behaviour patterns of your followers.

What a lot of us here at Makelight are interested in is how to improve our photography. And that's where our new tool comes in!

If you've been inspired you can receive your own Makelight Insights Report here.

If you would like access to regular Insight reports, exclusive lessons and downloads, office hours as well as Makelight discounts, then our new subscription service might be right for you!

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