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Silk & Willow: Nature Infused Textiles from the Hudson Valley

Silk & Willow: Nature Infused Textiles from the Hudson Valley

Silk and Willow is a stunning online shop where you can buy exquisite ribbons, silks and table linens. These textiles are marketed for special occasions - often used in fashion and wedding blogs - but they are also the perfect props for imbuing your flat lays with instant warmth and luxury!

The silks and cotton linens come in a range of gorgeous colours and their unique muted, slightly understated quality is achieved from owner and designer Shellie Pomeroy’s use of 100% natural and sustainable plant dyes. Shellie says that each colour tells a story, and when I unfolded my first set of Silk and Willow coral hued napkins I understood her sentiment exactly: rings of varying intensity and opacity reveal the dying process, etched on the linen in the most beautiful way.

Alongside the fabrics and ribbons, Silk and Willow also sells rag papers, twines (made by harvesting silk cocoons in India, these arrive wrapped around charming antique-style spools) and vintage crochet table linens. We are especially in love with the botanical wax seal set pictured below.

Silk and Willow is based out of Shellie's home in New York’s Hudson Valley, an area long renowned for its dramatic natural beauty. Shipping is available worldwide, and our order to London arrived exceptionally fast. So enjoy browsing Silk and Willow’s sumptuous site because we have a feeling that you - like us! - won’t be able to resist.

Makelight Magic:   Louise Thornton & Hello Party

Makelight Magic: Louise Thornton & Hello Party

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