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Makelight Magic With Katie Sutton

Makelight Magic With Katie Sutton

Makelight student and home stylist Katie Sutton is launching her stunning website today, so it's the perfect moment to introduce her to our lovely community.

Katie is the talented entrepreneur behind The Vintage House That Could. This is the sweet name of her charming new business which combines event planning with selling bespoke Vintage Styling Kits (I've already purchased one and they are delightful!).

Her site also features Katie's blog which I'm sure she will quickly begin filling with her gorgeously bright and feminine photography very soon.

By the way, it's also Katie's birthday today: so happy birthday from Makelight and we hope you have a fabulous year ahead!

I know a little bit about The Vintage House That Could because I ordered one of your beautiful styling kits last Autumn, but can you share some more about your business and how it's growing?

The Vintage House that Could was born from my love of vintage treasures and styling. The main part of the business is event styling. After planning and styling my own wedding I knew I had to help others to make it stress free and beautiful for them.

I absolutely love sourcing all things vintage and my Vintage Styling Kits are a perfect way to get a bit of vintage style in your own home and also make perfect gifts. Each kit is carefully curated and beautifully wrapped in mini suitcases with lots of lovely stuff. It means I get to shop but for someone else!

What inspired you to start The Vintage House That Could?

My heart skips a beat whenever I walk into a vintage fair, car boot sale or lovely lifestyle shop. I am passionate about sharing these beautiful things with others and being able to inspire them to either style their home in a different way or create a gorgeous memorable event. Taking photographs and making things pretty is what makes me happy and to be able to spend my days doing this is amazing.

How are you using visual social media to promote the relaunch of your business?

Instagram has been amazing for me. I use it everyday to share corners of my home or aspects of the business. I have been able to connect with so many talented, like minded people who have supported me and inspired me over the last year.

Through Instagram I have been able to promote my products and give my followers a real feel of what I am all about - I hope!

I have steadily grown my following over the last year and made many connections with other creatives, some I have collaborated with on new products and some have helped me with the details of how to be successful in business.

How would you describe your photography style?

I have to have clean, bright images, natural daylight is really important. The feel of my overall gallery is key for me as I like it to be seen as a whole body of work rather than individual images. I am also a bit obsessed with straight lines! Many a photograph has been discarded for being slightly wonky.

What does Makelight mean to you?

I was lucky enough to win my place on the Makelight Level Two course in January after my #StylingtheSeasons entry was chosen. I was very excited! Emily was one of the first people I followed on Instagram, and I have loved seeing her progress and still love seeing her inspirational pictures every day.

The day was amazing, not only because of the time that Emily gave us sharing her knowledge but also because of the other ladies that I met who I can now call friends. Being in the Makelight studio and being able to shoot images of my styling kits was fab and having access to all of the wonderful props and lovely light a huge bonus.

So many doors have been opened for me by meeting others in this community and I love the way in which everyone is so supportive.

Try Makelight for yourself with a free five day taster course by signing up here.

We're wishing Katie all the very best for her growing business - and a Happy Birthday too! Be sure to check out Katie's newly designed website The Vintage House That Could and follow her Instagram feed below.

No rest for the wicked they say, so I'll carry on!! Have you had a good Monday? I do hope so πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž #littlestoriesofmylife

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