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Building Makelight : The day your husband joins the team

Building Makelight : The day your husband joins the team

Emily & Stef : Makelight

About five years ago I wrote down a plan in a notebook. It was a plan about starting a lifestyle blog, teaching bloggers how to take great photographs, having my own studio full of props and beautiful light and writing a book. I have been incredibly lucky to make all of this happen and more over the past few years. 

There was also another plan. That plan was about building a successful start-up with my husband. One that was ours. One that would grow in my 40s once all our children were at school. I thought that this mystery start-up was going to be something else. That it would come after the blogging/photography/styling/teaching part. I had no definite idea what this start-up was going to be but I knew I wanted it. There were a few ideas in my notebook but it was quite hazy. 

We have lived and breathed start-up life together ever since we met. But my stuff has always been way smaller than Stef’s. He has always been a part of everything I’ve done and we’ve probably worked more evenings and weekends together than we’ve spent together not working. But my thing has always been the side-project for Stef. Not in a negative way just in a realistic way. We have four children and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world! 

But last Summer Makelight really began to grow. Stef started to get more interested in what I was doing and realised that I really was building something. He started getting more involved. And it grew some more. 

We began to make plans. Exciting plans. Plans that involved amazing tech. Plans that brought together every one of our combined skills and experiences into one place. With Makelight we are literally putting everything on the table. Design, photography, marketing, writing, teaching, speaking, video production (coming soon...Stef hasn't touched that part yet!), sales, and of course ninja tech skills! 

Makelight Studio, London

All iN

And then two weeks ago Stef joined me at Makelight full-time. How exciting is that! Suddenly that start-up idea I’d been searching for became clear to me. I’m doing it right now! Makelight isn’t just the blog/photography dream, it’s also the start-up. 

Makelight has already grown from in-person workshops in London to a suite of online course that you can take from anywhere in the world. We now have our own e-learning platform that Stef has built. And we have so many more things in progress and planned. One of those things I will share with you this weekend…so watch this space! 

To say I am excited is an understatement. If you know Stef and his work, you’ll know that I’ve got a tech genius as my co-founder. It is crazy. He’s one of the hardest people to actually hire. And I’ve gone and finally done it!! 

So many people have already asked us what it’s like working with your partner. We haven’t really thought about it because it just feels so normal to us. We have been working on things together for the whole time we've been together. But it does feel like we’re so incredibly lucky. We are still working all the evenings and weekends (we are putting plans in place to be able to stop this over the next few months!) but we are also working in daylight hours. Makelight is no longer competing with any of his other projects. It is his project. Our project. Our start-up. It feels amazing! 

All the little side-projects we’ve done together over the years now feel part of the story. The side-project has become the main thing. And all the side-projects have taught us so much about how each other works that it all just feels totally normal. 

Makelight Studio, London

A little secret

But I will let you into a little secret… over the past two weeks I have been oscillating between being really excited and happy and feeling the complete opposite. I’ve actually had days where I’ve felt really sad and cut off from it all. What on earth is this about? Well, I’ve realised that all this is actually quite like the early days of dating. It’s so wonderful and exciting but in case it suddenly stops you put up a defensive barrier that prevents you falling head over heels in love. It protects those emotions. How funny is that?! I had no idea this would happen. I haven't dated for over a decade, so haven't felt these feelings for so long. Now I have realised what it is I am dealing with it so much better. Let’s hope I can convince myself to chill out about this soon!

Thank you

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing journey so far.

We are excited and committed to creating things you will love to support your photography and daily creativity. 

Happy weekend. xo

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