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Stepping into the World of Android Photography

Stepping into the World of Android Photography

**** I am so excited to be back to update this post. You can shoot square with this phone! I cannot wait to share this with my students right now. Thank you, thank you @porthjess for letting me know. Made my week!***

I have been using an iPhone for years and a Mac for many more but I decided that the Makelight Studio should have an Android phone, so that I can really help my students who are using Android phone cameras. 

So, this week I have been getting to know my new Samsung Galaxy 6 phone. I am totally puzzled by the interface and pretty much avoiding everything apart from the camera and the editing apps I have downloaded but that's the part that matters for what I'm using it for, so that's all good! 

Shooting with an Android Camera : Makelight

I have used the camera in workshops before to help my students and I have been really impressed with it. It really is a brilliant camera. So, if you are shooting with a Samsung be confident in the camera. It's a good one! 

You can change the exposure and ISO, the focus is great and so are the colours. And the macro (close-up) capability is amazing. 

But why oh why can you not shoot square?! I know not everything is about Instagram but well it's kind of important in the world right now and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. 

Update! You can shoot square! If you have a Galaxy Phone go to Picture Size and change it to (1:1).

Shooting with an Android Camera : Makelight

I love to shoot square for Instagram and then portrait or landscape for other social media images, blog photography and personal work. I like to have the choice and I think it's a real shame that there isn't that choice on an Android phone. - Thank goodness I got this wrong and that you can shoot square! 


For editing of images I highly recommend VSCO Cam for Android users. This isn't my go-to app on my iPhone but it is one that I use from time to time and one that other members of the Makelight team like too. Snapseed and Afterlight are two more great editing apps that are available for Android phones. 

I am loving the phone though. All the images in this blog post are taken with the camera and are edited (pretty lightly) with VSCO Cam. I haven't had any printed yet but will do that soon and I will report back. I always think that prints are the ultimate test of a camera! 

Do you shoot Android? I'd love to hear from you if you do. What are your favourite editing apps? Do you enjoy the camera? 

Have a happy day! xo

Shooting with an Android Camera : Makelight
{Video} Building A Business Using Instagram

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Makelight Magic:   Louise Thornton & Hello Party

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