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Patience : My Word Of The Year

Patience : My Word Of The Year

Each year I choose a word for the year. A practise I have been doing for the past few years, ever since I discovered the wonderful and wise Susannah Conway.  

This year it took me a while longer than usual to decide on my word. In the past it's been so much easier for me to choose one but it wasn't until about half way through January that I rested on the word Patience. 

I am, I think, a pretty patient person but I could see, looking at the year ahead, that there were going to be some things that were going to take an extra level of patience, some in work and some in life. 

Each year my word grounds me as I make decisions, face challenges and navigate life. Patience is already helping me so much and I feel that this year, more than in others perhaps, that my word of the year is really going to help me grow. Grow in myself, grow as a mother and grow as a business woman. 

Word of the year ring by How Fine Designs

A few weeks ago I found something wonderful to help me even more. I now have a beautiful ring, made by Sally How, which has the word Patience hand stamped inside. I wear it every day and whenever I need some extra patience I feel it is right there, so strongly. I rub my finger on the ring, take a deep breath and instantly feel calmer and stronger. 

Words really are such powerful things. 

A few days ago we had some bad news about our daughter's secondary school application. We didn't get into any of the schools on our application and now have got a tricky few weeks or months ahead of us while we check on waiting list places as often as possible and get our plan B together. 

Having my word and my ring has already helped me more than I could have imagined when I picked Patience a few weeks ago. 

Do you have a word for the year? It's not too late to pick one if you don't. xo

Word of the year ring by How Fine Designs : The Quinskis
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