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Regular small things

Regular small things

Goodness me this year's news has been intense! I have started to carefully choose the time of day that I access it, otherwise I find my stress levels and/or distraction levels go through the roof and things that are happening in this country, in the US ( a country so close to my heart) and in so many other places take up all of my attention. 

It is super important not to completely ignore the news, even more so when there are so many things happening that you feel strongly about but managing the news is equally important! 

I wrote last year about tricky times and the importance of doing small things. This year I am trying to do one small thing each week to put some love and care back into the world. Some of the things I have done so far are.... I have rejoined Amnesty International, written to my MP and taken some care packages to local homeless people. 

I am keeping an eye out for things I can do and share with others, and it totally warms my heart to see some brilliant things popping into my inbox and my social media streams. I have some brilliant friends who definitely working hard to do good in the world. 

Here are three great things to inspire you this week: 

Mollie Makes Crafternoon magazine

I had the total honour of styling and photographing an image for this special magazine. £5 of every copy sold goes straight to Comic Relief. It's packed full of creative projects, ideas for hosting your own Crafternoon and you could even make some of the lovely ideas and sell them to raise more money for Comic Relief. 

You can pick up a copy in Sainsbury's in the UK or download it from Apple Newsstand or Google Play


Anno's Africa Charity Art Raffle 

Anno's Afraica charity raises money for and runs a programme to offer an alternative arts education to children in Sub-Saharan Africa who are growing up in some of the most overpopulated and poorest slums in the world. 

My dear friend and talented artist and designer Sarah Hamilton is a trustee of this amazing charity and has been working so hard to promote their latest fundraising campaign,  a Charity Art Raffle that features art created by some famous and inspiring names including Benedict Cumberbatch and Joanna Lumley. How cool is that?! It ends on Wednesday (22nd February 2017), so don't delay in buying some raffle tickets. 

Makers for Refugees 

Makers for Refugees is the most beautiful and inspiring project that is running right now over on Instagram. It was started by Pip Wilcox and each week a different talented Maker is auctioning their work each day on their Instagram account to raise money for Help Refugees.  

I actually cried when I read about this project. Both tears of joy that people I love and admire are doing a wonderful thing through their own creativity and tears of sadness for the refugees that so desperately need our help. Stef recently visited our local refugee centre in his role as chair of school governors and I don't think the stories he told me will ever leave me. 

Life is unfair. So let's stand together and collectively our small things can be part of something bigger and they most certainly can make a difference. 

I would love you to share other ways that we can help, so that I can share these things too. xo


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