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Growing Your Instagram With Colour

Growing Your Instagram With Colour

I have always loved colour and really paid attention to it. Colour is important to me in my home, in the clothes I wear and definitely in my photography. 

When I decided to really start taking my Instagram seriously at the beginning of 2013 I realised just how important colour is for Instagram, not only for individual images but also in how you place images together. Instagram is not just about one image but it is all about the gallery that you build and how the images fit together. Colour plays a really important part in this. It helps images to fit together and flow from one image to another. 

This doesn't mean that you always have to stick to the same colour palette. I love to work with the seasons, so my palette changes with the seasons but whatever the season you will always find pinks in a majority of my Instagram images. I am also usually attracted to more pastel shades rather than brighter colours, so although my colours move with the seasons throughout the year they are usually pastel in tone. You might not work with the seasons. Perhaps your colours are influenced by your travels or your work. 

If you have a brand or a blog think about your brand colours and bring these into your Instagram images. This will help your Instagram gallery reflect your brand and help people connect your images with your brand. If you have chosen colours for your brand you will hopefully have chosen them because they are connected to the way that you want people to feel about your brand. Using these colours in your images will help make your audience respond to your images and brand in the way you are hoping they will. 

Makelight Insights

When we decided to build our Makelight Insights tool we wanted to create something that helped people to improve their Instagram galleries in a positive, human way. Here's a snapshot:

Makelight Insights is more about colour and themes and less about stats and numbers. Getting any kind of report about your social media stats can often feel quite depressing and we wanted to make this a much more joyful experience. 

Looking at your colour report can help you to understand the colours that you are using in your Instagram gallery. And colour can be so important! When I tap on someone's profile on Instagram I immediately get a sense of what they're promising me if I follow them. How consistent their colour palette is, is a big part of that! If I see a collection of images where I can see a consistent them and palette running through them it makes me confident that I'm going to get beautiful images from them in the same vein. 

The opposite is true though – when I see a gallery that's really varied, with dark images, bright images, photos of friends, a really wide mixture of images where there's no flow between one image in the next, I'm signing up for a mixed bag by following!


So our Makelight Insights tool helps you look at your own gallery (and other people's once you make an account), so you can get an idea of how consistent your images are looking.

But more than that, it also helps you understand the palettes that you're sharing, and which ones seem to get a good reaction. It might be that your followers really love the warm, organic tones you've been sharing recently, as opposed to the muted blues and greys of city life you might also have been experimenting with. Our little tool helps you think about that!

You can even get a mini palette for any image you've shared on Instagram too:



I'd love it if you'd have a go and get your own Insights report and share it with your friends. Just sign in with your Instagram account, wait a few minutes for an email from us after we've crunched all the numbers, and then take a moment to think about your palette.

Here are some of the people from the Makelight community who've made and shared their reports recently. Click / tap on one to see the full detail behind the report and to generate your own.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments!

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