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Makelight Magic with Alexandra Davies

Makelight Magic with Alexandra Davies


Alexandra Davies is a professional photographer based in South Oxfordshire. She specialises in wedding photography for her business Alexandra Jane Photography and she also has a gorgeous personal blog called North To South.

Keep scrolling to meet Alexandra and view her stunning mix of food and floral images!

Can you begin by telling us a bit about your professional photography work as well as your personal blog?

I started working as a professional photographer eight years ago and mainly photograph weddings because I love the spontaneity and the pretty things to photograph.

Last year I decided to push my commercial work more and now I work on lots of different project from interiors to gardens and everything in between, I love the variety.

Then earlier in the year I started a personal blog called North to South which was all about my experiences of moving from a mill town in Lancashire to the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire and the adventures we go on as a family, the food we eat, the activities we do together and discovering new places to go and writing about them.

I wanted to showcase my photography in a different way and try new things so the whole idea really captivated me.

What inspires your photography - your paid professional work, your blog and your Instagram accounts?

After eight years of photographing weddings my creative eye felt really stale and also I was so busy working for clients that I hadn't done anything for me in such a long time.

As a new year's resolution I decided that I was going to take a bit of creative time out for myself every week, and so in January I enrolled on Emily's Beautify Your Instagram course.

Immediately I was captivated at how beautiful and inspirational a feed could be but also how extremely difficult it was and how much work it took to keep a feed on track with complimentary colours and themes. I suppose I saw it as a bit of a challenge, especially in those dark winter months when you are longing for something pretty to look at.

After faffing about with one account mixing weddings and personal images I decided to start the other account and I became obsessed with photographing every day.

The blog was then an extension of that second instagram account going into more detail.

I then went on the food photography course. I wanted to learn more about photographing food so that when I made dishes to put on my blog I would be able to style them in a way that was beautiful and appealing.

Catherine Frawley was great to watch and her natural ability to beautifully style and shoot food is evident. It was great to learn the basics from her so that I could come away knowing how to approach photographing my own dishes (which I need to make more of!!)

How are you using Instagram to promote your business as well as your blog?

I have two instagram accounts, one for my wedding work (@alexandrajaneuk) which I use to showcase my images and style of photography and earlier in the year I started a second instragram account for my personal blog (@northtosouthblog).

I'm really excited to see where that will take me, it's already been an eye opening experience just to be posting beautiful images every day, I am actively seeking out things which will inspire people and make them smile as well as feeding my creative eye.

Already I have lots of ideas in the pipeline at to the direction I want the blog to go in, and I use Instagram to direct people to read my blog.

Thinking about your Instagram content, how do you decide what to post in your business account versus your more personal account?

In my business feed it's very much just my wedding photography which I show, however in my personal feed I feel like I can let loose.

I want to encapsulate how I feel living in a gorgeous village in the Oxfordshire countryside surrounded by wildlife and open fields.

I started photographing village life and the houses and features of where I live. Simple things like thatched cottages, the fields with the sheep and cows and the open countryside.

I also loved taking pictures of flowers and after visiting the Chelsea Flower show this year realised what a passion I had for gardens and flowers so I think my images will be heading more in that direction.

I also love the National Trust and visiting new places so I love to go and capture those for my feed. I also love the fact that I live so close to London so can adventure there and go and take pictures of pretty streets and houses.

I guess it's quite an eclectic mix but I hope that it all hangs together.

How would you describe your photography style?

I actually have two different styles.

For my business my style is all about being true to life, a true representation of the colours, and I love to use natural light, it's a very classic, romantic style.

For my personal work I'd say that my images are much lighter and brighter but again I try and keep the true colours of whatever I'm taking pictures of.

What does Makelight mean to you?

Makelight for me is all about community.

Likeminded people who get excited about taking images of pretty things and we can all appreciate how we feel when we stop to take a picture of a cool car or a beautiful building or a gorgeous flower.   

I'm so pleased I discovered Makelight, I've made some really lovely friends through it and it's changed the way I view the world.

Do you have any advice for others in the Makelight community?

Be true to yourself, don't try to emulate others. Admire and develop a sense of style for what you love and overall just have fun with it.   

Be sure to take a look at Alexandra's North To South blog and you can use the links below to follow her personal and professional Instagram feeds.

If you would like to learn how to create gorgeous images like Alexandra, click below to find out more about our upcoming online food photo photography course.

The hothouse at Rockcliffe 💗

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Stunning purples & greens for a Cotswold wedding by Copelands Florists.

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