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Happy Days - We Are Makelight.com

Happy Days - We Are Makelight.com

Makelight began life as a series of notes in a yellow notebook about 5 years ago. I dreamed big. I wrote about a blog, a studio, workshops, a community, a book, of travel and retreats. 


Five years ago I had three children under 5, Stef and I were a few weeks away from our wedding on a campsite and I had just photographed my last wedding. 

Makelight started really small. It had to because I was at home with three children. But it did start and slowly I began to make my dreams realities. Makelight began to really grow. 

From the very beginning Stef was there by my side helping me with things. He has always believed in me and what I was doing. He understood when I needed to get a shed in the garden to take my Instagram images! He understood about the props, flowers, blogging and social media. And he was always there to help me with a new website or logo. 

In March 2015 we took the first big risk for Makelight and put a deposit down on our first studio. We couldn’t have predicted back then that 12 months later we would be putting a much bigger deposit down on the next studio. Amazing! 

Then in April this year we took another huge risk and Stef gave up all that he was doing to join Makelight full-time. When you live in London and have four children this really is a huge risk. 

And because that wasn’t enough of a risk this month we have bought the .com for Makelight!! I could have had my dream Figaro car for the same money. Dot coms are expensive these days!! But they are also really important if you are serious about building something big. 

We really are serious about building Makelight and we are so excited about all that we have planned for the next 12 months and beyond. 

We are building the business that we have always dreamed of. A business that helps you improve your photography and bring creativity into your every day. And a business that fits around our life with our four young children. 

None of this would be possible without the AMAZING Makelight Community. You are all seriously wonderful and we absolutely love working with and for you. 

As a thank you and celebration of all that has happened so far we are holding a Makelight Summer Sale this weekend. The store is full of workshops, online courses, a retreat and a brand new family story telling course. 

For 20% off everything please use the code ‘happydays’ and share the Makelight love with friends and family by passing that discount on. 

Happy Days indeed! xo

Makelight Magic with Fleur Lyon

Makelight Magic with Fleur Lyon

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