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Makelight Magic with Fleur Lyon

Makelight Magic with Fleur Lyon


Fleur Lyon lives lives in small and enchanting Balingup, Western Australia. She describes it as a tiny country town, nestled in the beautiful rolling hills. She lives here with her husband and three young girls where they are all building their dreams and living a slower lifestyle.

Fleur works creatively from home where she crochets flowers from wool for The Peaceful Posy whilst raising her sweet daughters.

Please tell me all about your business, The Peaceful Posy ...

My creative business - The Peaceful Posy Co. - is all about woolly floral design. I make posies of wool flowers with natural twig stems.

My posies are inspired by my love for wool, and the beautiful big gumtrees on our property where I handgather the twigs.

My posies are peaceful because the making of them brings small moments of peace to my day and because I like to think that they bring peace to people's homes. And they are also peaceful because when you purchase a posy, a percentage of the profits are donated to organisations who help to eliminate family violence, and work towards making the world a more peaceful place.

I am currently planning some posy-making kits and online workshops which I hope to launch in the next couple of months, and am really looking forward to sharing my love for making posies with others. These kits/workshops will be perfect for those who love to crochet, and also for absolute beginners who have never picked up a crochet hook before. Very exciting!

What inspired you to start A Peaceful Posy?

Simple countryside life and the wonders of nature that surround us here have been such an inspiration. And of course my love for creating with wool and natural fibres.

How are you using Instagram to promote your business?

I find Instagram to be a wonderful creative community, and have connected with so many like-minded people and incredible makers. It's a lovely supportive place to share the things I make, my hopes and dreams, and our simple life in the countryside.

What is your dream locations for taking photos?

My favourite places to take photos are here in the countryside, amongst the hills and valleys, on our family dining table, or wherever there is beautiful light. We are living in a little tin shed at the moment while we build our home up the hill, and the dining table is currently my creative studio!

What does Makelight mean to you?

To me, Makelight is about finding the most beautiful natural light to capture images in a really lovely way. Makelight is an online community where creatives can learn from one another, and inspire each other.

Do you have any advice for other Makelight makers?

Find what inspires you, and weave it into your daily life.

Please use the link below to start following Fleur on Instagram, and have a look at her lovely website full of gorgeous and whimsical wool flowers The Peaceful Posy.

If you've been inspired to take a Makelight class, have a look at our beginner's course as well as our other late Spring and Summer offerings.

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