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Makelight Magic With Susanna Jarrett

Makelight Magic With Susanna Jarrett


Susanna Jarrett lives in rural Hampshire where she runs an idyllic countryside flower stall called Flowers By the Bridge.

Susanna has been active in the flower industry since the 1990's when she first owned a shop in Pimlico. Once she became a mother, she closed her London shop in order to start a new and successful business called Tiger Rose which specialised in wedding and event flowers, courses and prop hire.

Then a few years ago Susanna took her passion for flowers in another new direction.

Susanna now owns and runs a popular stall near her home selling flowers she has grown in her own cutting garden, in combination with other locally sourced flowers and foliage.

Susanna explains: Whether it be a seasonal tied posy, a simple ‘pick up and go’ bunch of flowers, a little jam jar full of seasonal blooms or a handmade gift, Flowers by the Bridge is the perfect place to stop and buy a present for a friend or a treat for yourself.

What inspired you to start Flowers By The Bridge - which, by the way, has the sweetest name?

A complete passion for flowers and in particular a love of the seasons and British grown flowers.

While I have been a florist for over 25 years, my previous company - which specialised in event flowers - did not give me the flexibility Flowers By The Bridge  does to indulge my love of quirky and unusual flowers and foliage.

How are you using Instagram to promote your flower stall?

To create a portfolio of beautiful images of seasonal flowers featured on my stall. Combined with a little bit of the behind the scenes - including pictures of my allotment to involve my followers in life at Flowers by the Bridge.

How would you describe your photography style?

I would like to think it reflects a gentle, calm love of what I do.

What does Makelight mean to you?

It means so much to me. Having been on Emily's course in November, I have made friends with lots of the Makelight community and follow many of them.

Starting my Instagram account has been a wonderful way of expressing another side of my creativity. Posting a photo a day has encouraged me to look out for different ideas and to see flowers in different ways.

Emily's photography and that of the other Makelight community members gives me so much inspiration. I also love the Facebook group for tips and ideas.

Do you have any advice you'd like to pass on to others working to promote a business through visual social media?

Think carefully about each image you put up, make it your best yet. And look and learn from fellow members in the community. Note their lighting, filters, backgrounds.

Look at what you admire and like about each photograph. I keep a Pinterest board of ideas to refer to when I need inspiration.

Go to Flowers By The Bridge to take a look at Susanna's business in more detail, and be sure to start following her on Instagram using the below link.

If you've been inspired by Susanna's Makelight experience, take a look at the Makelight website to see our upcoming late Spring and Summer courses. You can also use our Makelight Insights tool to get a free report all about your Instagram feed.





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