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13 Instagram Hashtags for Makers

13 Instagram Hashtags for Makers

A passion for making can often be the motivation behind wanting to improve our photography. After spending so many meditative hours on hand weaving, lettering or knitting, accurately capturing the process and the final product feels very special. The Instagram community is rich with inspiration for makers so here is a roundup of a few of my favourite hashtags to dive into and connect with:

13 Instagram Hashtags for Makers


#handsandhustle via @sabrinasmelko

I love this feed! A call to all makers to share their beautiful work and working spaces from Sabrina, editor at Design Sponge.  A really undiluted feed rich with beautiful image and projects. 


This one sparks such joy every time I browse here. It is quite broad in terms of what is shared: studio spaces, a wide variety of crafts and moments we capture to reflect our feelings around creativity. I often find new ways of looking at spaces around me for inspiration in this feed. 

#themakersyear via @aplayfulday

Documenting everyday creativity, this is linked to Kate’s project The Maker’s Year which focuses on enjoying the process, making in the home and sustainable resources. 


Again, quite broad but no less inspiring. There’s a lot of photographers at work in this hashtag, looking through their view finders and sharing moments around creativity as well as makers projects. Good for a thoughtful wander.

#abmcrafty via @abeautifulmess

As you would expect from Elise and Emma, an explosion of colourful crafting and making from all over the world. Definitely a tag for those who love bright colours and white backgrounds!

#wipsandblooms via @ceramicmagpie and @aplayfulday

A seasonal focus on process. This is less about the finished object and more about taking a moment to stop and meditate on making. Adding a little seasonal element in the forms of flowers and plants lends itself nicely to beautiful styling too. There’s some great makers in this one and Kate and Katie regular feature those who share on their own accounts. 


This is a collaborative project by @heatheryounguk, @kidscraftroom and @bluebearwood. As well as joining in via Instagram you can also participate on your blogs with a link up and there’s a really inspiring Pinterest board that’s been growing slowly. A particularly good hashtag for those of us with young families I’ve found. 

#myhandsmaking via @fallfordiy

Launched by Fran in the new year this is a newly emerging hashtag to celebrate makers and all they do. This hashtag is about putting you in the frame too- be sure to use your tripods if you don’t have someone to snap your hands while you create. (I have shared a useful video here about using tripods for these kinds of shots). I hope this hashtag really takes off, it has great potential so far. 


This one is really beautiful and speaks to a wide variety of makers. Not so big you can get buried within seconds of sharing in there but large enough that the turnover changes regularly, giving you a fresh dose of inspiration. 


A good sized hashtag where you can still stand out and get plenty of new people finding what you share. This one is full of beautiful images from hand lettering to crochet. 


I just discovered this and fell down a rabbit hole instantly! A really fresh feed full of all sorts of different makers. Small enough still that it’s pure making and undiluted in the subject shared. I’m definitely adding this to my list of regular hashtags!

#makersmovement via @Makersmovement

Now a bi-annual print publication that celebrates creativity and craft, this account will share images you tag. Really high quality images and the opportunity to be shared with their 37k strong community is pretty exciting too!

#slowliving_create via @hippieindisguise and @geoffreyandgrace

This was the result of a yearlong slow living collaboration between two highly inspiring instagrammers. Danielle and Melanie chose creativity as a theme a few months ago and the hashtag still enjoys a few beautiful updates. I’d love to see more shared here as it’s a really concentrated gallery full of the best parts of making.  

13 Instagram Hashtags for Makers

Making is such a surprising process and I love the feeds that capture the process as well as the finished objects. Have you got any you particularly love? 

If you would like to join me and focus on photographing your making her next online course and workshop both take place in September. 

Happy Making!

Images by Kate

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