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Changing The World One Small Act At A Time

Changing The World One Small Act At A Time

Oh my….what a year this precious world of ours has had. I’ve been heartbroken more times than I care to remember and on many occasions left wondering what on earth I tell my children when I can’t even make sense of it all myself. 

I have been trying to get my head around writing a post ever since the US elections but I’ve either ended up crying, ranting or lost for words. But this weekend I am feeling a little clearer about what I want to say. 

This world is in a mess right now. It’s complicated, totally unfair, messy, heartbreaking and scary. Part of my wants to turn off the news and live in my cosy bubble. I want to pretend none of it is happening. 

But a bigger part of me wants to actually be a part of doing something about it. To stand together with friends around the world and say a loud No to all that is happening. It is all too easy to close our eyes to what is happening. It’s hard to be brave and to stand-up for what you believe in. It can sometimes feel useless.

All acts count.

We all need to do something, however small. Some of us will be able to fight harder and louder. Some of us will have more time than others. Some of us will be able to afford to do more than others. But I strongly believe we can all do something today to make our world a better place. And not just today but every single day. 

We can help our neighbours, a stranger on our way to work, someone online, write a letter for Amnesty International, make a donation to a charity and above all every single day we can commit to changing this world. We can smile at each other. We can share and be kind. And we can help each other. 

Yes, maybe some of these things might feel too small to matter but they do matter. If we stay positive, look after each other and keep strong then in the end we will win. This world will become a place where we can all be accepted no matter who we are. It might just take a while and a whole heap of determination to get there. But never, ever give up. 

As a mother I know I need to prepare my children for a complicated world. I also want to prepare them to stand up for what they believe in. More than all the academic achievement stuff that we can easily get wrapped up in, I want my children to be happy and to be kind. I want them to accept everyone. And I want them to care. Really care about this incredible world and all the incredible people in it. All of them. 

Spreading The Love

At Makelight we really want to help our community to grow in all that they do. Teaching, inspiring and supporting people to build their businesses, blogs and creativity, is the at the core of what we do every single day. 

To spread the Makelight Love further this weekend we are giving 10% of all of sales Friday-Monday to Medecins Sans Frontier. In place of a Black Friday discount we want to pass on this 10% to help people in incredibly difficult situations. 

We do have a special offer on our Makelight Virtual Christmas Workshop this end but we will also give 10% of these ticket sales to MSF. xo


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