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Following My Heart

Following My Heart | Makelight

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are having a good week and enjoying the changing seasons. I love Autumn so much and although I am not keen on all the rain and the initial shock of it getting colder, I do love crisps mornings and cosy evenings. And the light (when the sun shines!) is just so beautiful. 

I also love that back to school feeling that comes with September. It always makes me reflect and plan for the year ahead. Over the Summer I have been having a good think about what makes me happy and what I have been missing and I have realised that while I have completely loved everything that has happened over the past year with the development of Makelight, the studio and all my workshops, and my book, the one thing that I've really been missing is my blog. 

My blog has developed into a business. The blog has become my studio, my workshops, my students. And the blog bit has got a bit left behind. I have so much I want to write about but it doesn't fit on here anymore. This blog needs to become the blog that is connected to all the Makelight stuff and I am really excited about all that. But I also need another space to share the other half of my life. Not because I want to share everything with everyone but because blogging really helps me to lead a happy life. It convinces me to do the things I plan to do. And I really love how it helps me to keep a record of my family life. Writing helps me see appreciate the good stuff, however small, and it also encourages me to work through the tricky stuff that life can throw my way. I can't wait to start it next month and I will be sure to be shouting about it here, so you can follow along! 

To help kick-start my new blog and think more about life, happiness and what makes my world a good place, I am super excited to be taking a new e-course called "Choosing Happiness. Live Happy Your Way." Gabrielle from the Green Gables has written this course after spending the past few years studying happiness and trying plenty of methods for leading a happier life and managing life's ups and downs. I can't wait to get started! xo

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