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40 Before 40

As my 30s are fast disappearing I have decided to embrace turning 40 next year by trying to achieve 40 things before October 2016. I felt smugly organised when I started compiling this list a year ago but then lots of months whizzed by and now I'm just left with just under 15 months to get all this done. So, I thought it was about time I shared this list with you all and made it all feel a bit more real. It also means there's a much higher chance that I will try my very best to achieve all of this. 

My list is a combination of some challenging things, some simple but lovely things, some indulgent things and some things I've really missed doing but haven't had the time or space to do them during my 30s. 

Here goes! 

1. Visit A Flower Farm

2. Return to New York - hooray I've done this one in May of this year as part of my book tour and I will be sharing my trip with you soon. 

3. Climb a mountain (I have climbed mountains before but haven't climbed one since having my children)

4. Run a half marathon (yikes!) 

5. Learn to weave

6. Publish a book - DONE! 

7. Write an article for a magazine - DONE! 

8. Have a make-up lesson

9. Make Imogen and Rudi a dress each - I'm going to use this book to help with these! 

10. Banish the clutter - I am on a big mission with this one at the moment and just keep rereading this to keep me focussed. 

11. Run a Makelight Retreat - this is booked for the weekend before I turn 40, so it will probably be the last one I tick off the list! If you would like to join me for this special event, you can reserve your place now. 

12. Swim in the sea - I swam in the sea many times in my 20s but for some reason haven't been in it (apart from a few paddles!) during my 30s. I've missed it! 

13. Learn to ski

14. Write book two

15. Get to 75K followers on Instagram

16. Learn modern calligraphy

17. Go on a yoga retreat

18. Learn to code (something)

19, Host a Summer evening garden party

20. Create a mini vegetable garden in pots

21. Speak at a conference

22. Write 40 handwritten letters to friends and family

23. Make a patchwork quilt

24. Have breakfast at the Shard with my boys

25. Go to the cinema (without the children!!)

26. Read 6 books (from cover to cover)

27. Go to a festival with my children

28. Go to Scandinavia

29. Letterpress my own design

30. Learn how to make my own pattern

31. 3D print something I have designed

32. Have afternoon tea at Claridge's

33. Plant a David Austin rose

34. Go out dancing with some old friends

35. Learn to cook something amazing

36. Enjoy a spa weekend with friends

37. Have my teeth straightened (I'm feeling quite nervous about listing this one publicly but I think that's in an important first step in doing this one. I've been for the consultation, so this is going to happen. Yikes!) 

38. ?
39. ?
40. ?

So, I have three empty spaces ready for suggestions from you! Leave a comment below if you have an idea for me. I would love to hear them. 

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