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Hello Makers | stroem design by Marie Ullstrom

Stroem Design | Makelight

Hello! I am delighted to introduce you to the talented jeweller, Marie Ullstrom today and share her inspiring story of following her passion and creating her own business,  stroem design.  Marie has just launched her latest collection, ALCHEMY, so I thought it was the perfect time to feature this beautiful silver and gold jewellery that blends influences from Scandinavia and London, and celebrates the simple things in life. 

I fell in love with this double triangle silver ring, which I wore to my book launch last month.  

stroem design | Makelight

Here is Marie to tell you her story... 

"I’m originally from Sweden, I grew up in Gothenburg and lived there for my first 20 years. Since then I have lived in Melbourne, Australia, for almost 4 years and in London for 4 years. After quite some time exploring many parts of the world, I’m moving back to Gothenburg in June of this year. It will be really exciting and I’m looking forward to setting up my jewellery business in Sweden as well as re-exploring my home town. 

Stroem Design | Makelight

Ever since I was little, I have always been a creative person. I loved beading, sewing, crocheting (and any other crafts my mum could think of sharing with me) while growing up. I have always been creating and finding the next project on the side of my workload. But it was actually my boyfriend Simon that sent me on my first silversmithing course in 2012. It was a ‘make a ring in a day’ course and I was so pleased to have actually ‘made’ something from scratch. I dabbled with silver smithing after that and gained both experience and confidence through further courses before starting my business ‘stroem design’ in mid 2013. 

Stroem Design | Makelight

The business was my creative outlet from a busy London life and my workplace allowed me to cut my hours down to 4 days per week so that I could work on my business one day per week. One day per week may not seem like a lot, but if felt like a huge step to make official time in my week to only focus on my jewellery. I was, at the time, living on a canal boat on the Regents Canal and with the limited space available on the boat, I had to pack down every tool into little boxes each time after a session of jewellery making. The business has grown organically from there and from February 2015 I have been working full-time at stroem design. 

Stroem Design | Makelight

I have a little bit of a tool-obsession. My grandfather was a welder and I have inherited many of his tools, which I now use for jewellery making. I love using vintage tools to create textures on the metal. When starting my business, I had this idea that I wouldn’t actually need to buy many tools to be able to set this up - but, I’m still finding myself thinking ‘oh, if only I had THAT tool, then I’d be set’. I’m sort of starting to realise that the day when my tool collection is ‘set’, might not be on the horizon for quite some time...

My design style is delicate and clean lines - classic jewellery with an interesting twist. The main inspiration is my Scandinavian heritage, but I also find inspiration in geometry, art, angles and London life. I only ever make jewellery that I would wear myself. Gold is my favourite material to work with. It’s so precious, bright and beautiful. It’s also extra special to work with gold as the pieces that are bought in gold are usually for someone’s very special occasion. It feels like a major privilege to make wedding rings and I love working with clients in a more intimate setting and creating something bespoke for them to cherish for a lifetime. 

The new collection - ALCHEMY - launched in mid April of 2015. It’s a collection of fine gold and silver pieces. It blends delicate shapes with textured surfaces to create something unique and one of a kind. It’s stroem design’s first collection offering solid 9ct yellow gold and rose gold pieces. I’m so excited to be working with these precious materials. I have so many favourites from the new collection, but I especially like the large circle ‘halo necklace’ and have been wearing it constantly for the last weeks."

Thank you so much Marie for making such beautiful jewellery and for sharing your maker story with Makelight today. 

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\\ all images by stroem design apart from the double triangle ring by Emily Quinton\\

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