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A birthday letter to Max

A birthday letter

Last week my third child Max turned four. Such a big age. The year where you really change from a toddler to a little boy. I am a little bit sad but at the same time really excited and happy that we are slowly leaving the baby years behind. 

Each year on my children's birthdays I write them a letter. When they are older I will put them together in a book for them to read and treasure. Here is the one I wrote for Max last week: 

A birthday letter

To my amazing Max, 

Wow! You are now four! I know how very exciting this is for you and how grown-up you feel. Last night when I told you that you would be four in the morning you said, "really, really? Is it really February tomorrow?" I don't think you could really believe it this morning when we were all saying happy birthday to you and you saw all your presents, cards and balloons.

You are such a cool little character. I think you may have been born with hip hop in your soul. When you hear a good tune or see a cool guy in some big trainers you get so excited and the street dancers on the South Bank just blow your mind. I cannot wait to see if this part of your personality grows with you and I know that Daddy is excited about buying your first skateboard! 

You are the kindest little boy and so incredibly patient with your little sister Rudi. And you are so relaxed that you have a lot to teach me. I imagine that in the future you'll be the one who gives me a hug and says "don't worry Mum, it's all going to be ok!" 

I love how much you adore your big sister Imogen and how you are building a friendship with your brother Oren. I think it's based on Star Wars, Lego and Superheroes! I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for you two. 

Four is such an exciting age and I can see how proud and grown up you are feeling already. This year is going to be full of adventures for your Max. Enjoy it all! 

With so many hugs and so much love today and forever,

Mummy xxx

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