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Makelight Magic : Elizabeth Hammond Pyle

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle : Makelight Magic

Hello and welcome to another dose of Makelight Magic. I really love starting the week with these reflections from members of the Makelight community and the chance to share their images. 

The community that is building around my teaching, both in person and online, really encourages and inspires me. 

Today I am sharing words and images from Elisabeth Hammond Pyle of Bottle Branch. Elizabeth took my Photography for Flower Lovers online course a few weeks ago. 

My favorite things about the course: 

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle : Makelight Magic

(1) I really enjoyed talking about process and work flow for managing images for instagram - some thing I hadn't thought about but probably should have!

(2) Even though I don't have a 'real' camera yet (i.e. not an iphone) I really enjoyed learning the technical points about depth of field, aperture priority, etc. It helped me understand what makes an image more appealing, and how to acheive a more professioanl look in my photos.

(3) Having an excuse to set aside time and really experiment and connecting with the other students who also love flowers. 

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle : Makelight Magic

In my studies and early working life, I learned to look and see the world as a botanist, percieving the slight variations, nuances of color, shape, form, that differentiate species of plants. What I loved about Emily's class was the insight into how she sees the world as a photographer - the importance of light and focus, and how you can control the way an image looks with camera settings, and of course her thoughts on work flow. I came away inspired, and more importantly, feeling like I can really do this... I mean actually take good photos. I also loved that she sent out PDFs of the course because I am definitely going to revisit them when I finally invest in a real camera. 

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle : Makelight Magic

You can find Elizabeth on Instagram, Etsy and on her lovely blog, Bottle Branch

If you would like to try a Makelight online course yourself, you can sign up for our five day Taster Course. 

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